Leppert ’19 Offered Part-Time Job after Completion of Internship

Jack Leppert ’19 FairWinds Advisors – FairWinds Advisors is a Fishers-based Economic development and site selection consulting firm. With only two employees, a husband and wife, the employees are the business.  Jay Walters and Jenny Massey are extremely passionate about the company that they’ve built and the clients that they represent.  It was this passion that kept the internship exciting and fulfilling for the entire 8-week period.

My main objective as an intern was to learn everything I could about the world of tax credits, tax incentives, and site selection.  Primarily working with Jenny, I went to countless meetings with clients and state officials.  Participating in meetings with clients was an extremely valuable and rewarding learning experience with lessons that you could never learn in the classroom.  Knowing how to run a meeting efficiently is a skill that Jenny has mastered and that I had the privilege of observing again and again.  In fact, when the client meets with the state to make their case for incentives, she commands the room.  Both the client and the state officials seem to report to Jenny on when to speak.

FairWinds Advisors keeps track of their entire business on one Microsoft Excel document and Microsoft Word document.  Both documents were created at the inception of the business, six years ago.  Ever since, when new clients and projects arrived, the data was added to these existing documents. I saw this as an opportunity for me.  FairWinds had a data problem.  For the first half of the internship I spent my time reformatting existing data collection processes for the business, including internal and external data collection.  Internally, FairWinds needed an updated client tracking system that included necessary information on clients and projects.  Externally, the business needed a new way to collect information from clients, making it easier to stay compliant with state tax programs.  I personally reformatted or created internal and external data collecting processes that were then integrated into the business.

My time spent interning this summer is the beginning of a hopefully, long-lasting relationship between myself and FairWinds Advisors.  At the conclusion of my internship, I was asked to come on as a part-time employee.  I will be working with the company for the remainder of the summer and in the upcoming school year.  I never would have expected this to be a possibility at just the halfway point in my college career. Of course, I would have never had this opportunity if I was searching for it alone.  I’d like to thank Wabash College Career Services, Roland Morin and the Lilly Endowment for providing me with this great internship!

Budler ’19 Collaborates with High Caliber Non-Profit and Educational Firms

Nicholas Budler ’19 Huntbridge – I spent the summer as an Associate of Media and Public Relations at Huntbridge, Inc., an executive search firm in Indianapolis, with an office in Washington D.C. The focus of my work was on writing for executives and press releases, communicating with clients, supporting the leadership team, social media, and developing new business.

Thanks to the Lilly Endowment, I was able to spend part of my first summer in Washington DC and apply myself in a new area of work. As a Philosophy major I wasn’t expecting to work—ever—in Human Resources and I barely knew anything about executive search. Now, I’ve grown as a professional and as well-rounded human being. I’ve met fantastic people, worked with successful executives, and made friends from around the country.

In particular, I worked in collaboration with several high caliber non-profit and educational firms in DC as well as a bio-science firm in Indiana. None of these sectors were related to anything I had done previously but I was able to learn on my feet and adapt to the situation. I worked closely with our leadership team to close these deals, assist the executives during the on-boarding process, and support the firms throughout the searches as well as having increasing business opportunities throughout the duration of my internship.

Similarly, I spent time networking, scheduling, and meeting with both executives and candidates for open searches. This brought me into contact with unique individuals that I am now able to call friends. Thanks to my time at Wabash I was able to professionally and critically integrate myself into this environment. The communication with candidates was crucial to the success of our executive searches: screening, scheduling, and interviewing.

Finally, I had the opportunity to interview, hire, and train a new Huntbridge employee. Sitting on the other side of the table was a new experience but proved insightful to me – especially as I go off into more interviews (and, eventually, the job market) myself.

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Fullenkamp ’18 Learns the Impact of Company Culture

Klay Fullenkamp ’18 Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership Business Development Intern -This summer I had the opportunity of working as the Business Development intern at Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Throughout the duration of my internship I worked with the business development (BD) team completing front-end research for large events they would travel to, such as SelectUSA and Major Markets, and housekeeping details that sorted information scattered throughout their shared company drive into single documents for easier access. My research would assist the BD team with an excel sheet of the attendees of these events and would highlight the companies that fit the seven target industries that the partnership developed as the most prominent industries of northeast Indiana. The things I enjoyed most about my time at Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership were the people I worked with and the work I conducted while I was there for just a brief eight weeks. From day one to my last day I was treated in a first-class manner and that is a testament to the culture in which the employees have created and bought into themselves. I felt like another employee that came to work every day rather than just an intern. The work the partnership does has a large impact on northeast Indiana. I had an idea going in of the work they did, but I came out with a whole new appreciation for what they do, as it can go unnoticed by the public at times. I felt I was able to contribute not only to the partnership during my internship, but to the Greater Fort Wayne area and the eleven counties the partnership encompasses.

Another valuable asset to the partnership is strengths coaching. Prior to my internship, I completed the Gallups Strengths Assessment. Once I began I then received strengths coaching every Friday from my coach Sonya Snellenberger-Holm. I found out more about myself through diagnosing my top five strengths than I ever would have imagined going into it. I now find it much easier to describe myself and understand even more how to sell myself on the assets and skills I possess to future employers. I would especially like to thank CEO and President John Sampson, my manager Sarah Rodriguez, my mentor Ashley Spranger, and strengths coach Sonya Snellenberger-Holm for the time they invested in me and the opportunity presented to learn more about business and economic development. Finally, I would like to thank the Lilly Endowment. Without the generosity of the Lilly Endowment this internship would not have been possible and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Khan ’19 “The enFocus Experience: One of Constant Growth and Learning”

Ahad Khan ’19 enFocus – Having declared my major as political science the spring of sophomore year, I was still figuring out what I could do with my degree. I was encouraged by school staff to consider internships that interested me rather than worrying about how pertinent a position was to my major. Hearing this advice repeatedly helped me to comprehend that companies look beyond a person’s major when hiring. I started my internship research still unsure what exactly I was looking for. The only preference I had was to work for a nonprofit organization. It was after applying this filter that I stumbled across enFocus Incorporation on Wabash’s Career Services website. The internship description intrigued me, so I probed more into the company and researched their website. enFocus’ ongoing projects and their impact in the community got me very excited, especially the consulting aspect. To understand more, I got in touch with one of the upperclassmen who interned with enFocus last year. He explained the nonprofit organization’s mission to me and shared his personal experience. That got my enthusiasm levels even higher and I decided to apply.

I was fortunate to have received the internship offer by the beginning of spring semester. Upon my arrival to South Bend, I was ready to learn about consulting, non-profit work, and community engagement. As the internship concluded, I felt that I had learned beyond what I anticipated going in. I did not just learn skills imperative for succeeding in a professional environment but forged great relationships with other interns and employees. I improved my understanding of business complexities while at the same time enhanced my interpersonal skills. All of my learning experiences were strengthened due to a staunch support network present at enFocus. Everyone helped each other, celebrated accomplishments together, and never overshadowed anybody. This type of working environment made things very comfortable for me as an intern. My project supervisors’ constant guidance allowed me to take charge of the projects with ease. Their openness toward discussing issues and thinking side by side with me on how to tackle them gave me a sense of reassurance. The generous support assisted me to further challenge myself and enabled me to work on a variety of projects throughout the summer.

I started my internship performing a wages and benefits analysis for northern Indiana. The project entailed understanding and analyzing lots of numbers which I thoroughly enjoyed. Once done with this project, I assisted in drafting some agreement forms for enFocus. That involved significant reading and understanding of crucial information. I also worked on establishing a telemedicine program in the city of South Bend and that project involved considerable research and data analysis. Lastly, I worked alongside three other interns to revamp South Bend’s Adult Education Program. It was an ongoing summer-long project which involved meeting with the client, understanding the key issues faced by the organization, and recommending best practices to improve overall efficiency. All four projects helped me to work in diverse capacities, allowed me to understand real-time problems, and improved my overall skill set. I feel very satisfied with the internship experience because I did not expect to learn so many new things in such a short span of time.

Ultimately, I am grateful to the Lilly Endowment without whose funding this internship would not have been possible. The funding truly gave me an opportunity to make a positive impact in the state of Indiana. I remain thankful that among so many more qualified candidates than myself, I was given the chance to be a part of the coveted internship program.


Reel ’18 Enhances Data Analysis Skills During Internship

Sam Reel ’18 PoliticalBank – Throughout my internship with Politicalbank, I have learned a lot of valuable experience working with a start-up that can be translated to many different job fields.  Start-ups require a lot of work in all aspects of business; therefore, I was able to get experience in fields such as sales, marketing, data compilation/analysis, and sitting in on meetings with executives of the company.  All of these different projects I worked on allowed me to add many great skills/job experiences to my resume.

At the beginning of the summer, I was tasked with a massive data compilation and analysis project about past elections.  I had to compile many of the winners from past elections and analyze the demographics of the political sphere in the country.  Once I was completed with the analysis, I had to write many different installments of a data report that focused on many different demographics.  For example, the different installments would be about gender, party, office type, and many other things.  When looking for internships for the summer of 2017, I was looking for an internship where I could polish my data analytic skills that I have learned throughout my schooling so far.  This project fulfilled that want.

I was then able to get a taste of sales and marketing on two different levels.  I approached the sales on the individual candidate level and the organization level.  Before I would begin cold-calling and contacting different groups, I went through sales training with the sales department within the company.  This was another added benefit that I was able to receive during this internship.  I had never had any formal sales training before this summer, but now it can be an important talking point in future interviews when looking for a job.  Once I completed the sales training, I was able to begin cold-calling and contacting candidates that would be running for office in 2017.  It was very good experience on how to remain conversational when making a sales call.  When calling the individual, I would either be trying to get them to claim a profile on the website or buy products from the campaign store.  This was good experience also because I had to change the sales pitch depending on what I was selling.  When trying to form partnerships with advocacy groups/political organizations, I had to change the sales pitch again.  I wasn’t necessarily selling anything for monetary value, but I had to sell the company as a whole and remain conversational.  Having this sales and marketing side of the internship will be very beneficial to my future career.

Overall, I learned a lot about the ins and outs of running a business, which is extremely beneficial no matter the field you are in.  I am extremely grateful to the Lilly Endowment to make this internship possible.

Moore ’18 Applies Skills Learned in the Classroom During Internship

Chandler Moore ’18 Jeffrey A. Boggess Law Clerk Intern – This past summer I had the esteemed opportunity to Clerk for alumnus Jeffrey Boggess ’89.  As someone interested in practicing the Law I found the opportunity both encouraging and motivating.  Upon my first day of the internship I was observing a jury trial over a case regarding an attempted murder, what is more exciting than that?  The weeks following I was prepping documents, observing mediation, and calling clients.  The experience was so special because it took my interest of practicing the law and my experience from pre-law classes with Professor Himsel and actually put those skills and lessons to practice, what I saw was a perfect, although bumpy at times, translation of learned skills from the classroom to the law office.

What I was able to experience throughout my weeks at the law office was the day to day life of a small town attorney.  The truth I found, rather quickly, is most of the work is done out of the Courthouse and in the office.  I would arrive to work each day with post-it notes of tasks that I was assigned, these tasks would range anywhere from looking through medical records for a Personal Injury case to prepping documents to be produced for a Guardianship hearing.  One of my most noteworthy tasks during my internship was preparing an exhibit of screenshot text messages for an all day hearing.  I sifted through hundreds of text messages looking for keywords, I printed out hundreds of the text messages and then stamped them so that they could be used as an exhibit.  The next day I went to Court to observe the hearing and my work was used as a significant argument for our side.  It was encouraging to see my work used in front of the Putnam County Judge.

On top of all of my unique experiences this summer it was great to hear the stories and experiences from my boss, a fellow Wabash man, who holds his Wabash education as important and lasting today as he ever has.  I cannot thank Wabash College, my boss, Jeff Boggess, and the Lilly Endowment Fund enough for the great opportunity I had this summer.  I would encourage any underclassmen to go out and find internships in your areas of interest and really observe the day to day practices because as I learned, any experience at all is absolutely priceless and so important for your development as a student and a man.

Hansen ’19 Interactions during Internship Affirm Interest in Physical Therapy

Evan Hansen ’19 IUPUI Fairbanks School of Public Health – Over the past eight weeks I have been working with the IUPUI Fairbanks School of Public Health. Each year the Your Life, Your Story summer camp supports up to 30 low income campers in a program, designed to reduce their risk of poor health outcomes. The 5 day camp took place from June 19-23 and it was one of the most fulfilling weeks of my life. This camp provided teens (ages 12-18) the opportunity to learn problem solving skills and develop their sense of identity and sense of self through creative outlets such as storytelling, music, art, and sports.

It has been a while since I was last at a summer camp, but I quickly felt the same enthusiasm. The three sessions I went to on a daily basis were storytelling, music, and theater. I am certainly not gifted in music or theater but I wanted to show the campers I could learn just like them.  Each camper highlighted their interests on an initial survey, and the professional storyteller was a very popular choice. In addition to the three activities there was a resilience building session led by community leaders. For about two hours each day, the resilience building involved various individual and group activities. As a mentor I was responsible for organizing events, observing the campers, and of course having a great time by participating in the games.

Our staff of ten mentors was comprised from all across the country. Since most of the campers spoke Spanish as well as English, it was very useful to have a couple mentors that were fluent in Spanish. From Colombia, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, and North Carolina we all shared a similar passion for working in health careers. Some of us have medical school ambitions while others have recently graduated from IUPUI with degrees in public health. The interactions I had with the campers, mentors, and activity leaders affirmed my interest in physical therapy because I was able to witness the importance of serving others. The camp was a very fulfilling opportunity for myself because I was able to practice Spanish in a very active setting.

Throughout this internship I have developed my leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Since this was the fourth year of the camp, a former mentor trained myself when I arrived back in May. With only a couple days before she was leaving for Swaziland, we had a lot to cover in a short amount of time. Over the next several weeks I attended various public health meetings with Dr. Bigatti and aided her with a couple other projects. Sitting at a desk planning events and training other mentors is all worth it for the incredible fun that awaited at Your Life, Your Story.

Azar ’19 Internship Helps “Bridge the Gap” between Public Health and Clinical Health

Patrick Azar ’19 Fountain & Warren County Health Department – I have spent the last seven weeks working with the Fountain & Warren County Health Department in Attica, Indiana. This internship has given me great experience in the broad world of public health. One of the main projects I worked on was giving a presentation to the medical staff at the St. Vincent Williamsport Hospital on how to properly fill out the cause-of-death portion of a death certificate. This project really helped me bridge the gap between public health and clinical health as I was tasked with explaining to the medical staff not only the proper way to fill out a death certificate but also why correctly filling them out is crucial for public health. Presenting in front of several physicians was a challenge. I was worried about how I would be received, being a twenty year old undergraduate student presenting to a room of physician who probably had patients waiting on them. They responded well to my presentation. I went through some cases and gave them time to fill out mock cause-of-death certificates and we discussed each case in detail and I explained to them how they should be thinking through each case. My nerves quickly subsided as I was able to facilitate a constructive conversation with the medical staff. Presenting in front of physicians was a success and it really boosted my confidence in my own public speaking abilities.

Working with the public health office showed me the importance of knowing and being involved in your community in the health care world. My post graduate plans include attending medical school and practicing medicine. While working and talking with host Wabash graduate Dr. Sean Sharma and others at the St. Vincent Williamsport Hospital I learned how important being aware of the issues in your community is to practicing good medicine. Luckily, I was able to spend a lot of time in the communities of Fountain and Warren counties. I frequently visited the local parks programs in the cities and towns and along with the nurses would talk to the children about head lice. Also, for the county fairs I made a display on various pest bugs that people may come into contact with during the summer months like mosquitos, ticks, scabies, head lice, and bed bugs, and I talked with people about those issues as they visited our booth at the county fairs. The community interaction was one of my favorite aspects of this internship and public health in general.

I would like to thank the Lilly Endowment for making this opportunity possible. It was an amazing experience and the knowledge and skills I’ve taken away from the past eight weeks will surely help me in my future career.

Wynne ’19 Gains Valuable Sales Experience during Summer Internship

Isaac Wynne ’19 SafeHiring Solutions – My eight week internship this summer was with SafeHiring Solutions. SafeHiring Solutions is based out of Danville, Indiana and specializes in background checks and visitor management. I was a business development intern which included working in sales, client outreach, and prospecting new clients for the company. After my eight week internship was completed, SafeHiring Solutions offered me a part time job for the rest of the summer and for during the school year as well. I cannot thank Wabash College and the Lilly Endowment enough for this unbelievable opportunity and experience!

Throughout the eight week period, I was given many different tasks to work on and complete. It started off with cleaning up some of the company’s information by sorting out their inactive and active clients in their system. This then evolved into me making contact with the inactive clients to try to win them back by selling them the new features SafeHiring Solutions has to offer. Through my time interning, I was given more and more responsibility. I was able to go to a few conferences with my boss, Dave Brewer. These included sales calls to schools like Crown Point and Plainfield, and meetings in Chicago and Bloomington. Being able to take part in these business settings gave me an entirely new outlook on what business and sales looks like in the real world. At the end of the internship, I was cold calling and setting up software demos. I even had the opportunity to run a few demos for potential clients. Before this internship, I thought I was interested in sales, but did not have a profound understanding of what it exactly entailed. With my experiences through SafeHiring Solutions, I understand sales and business development through a whole new lense and I am excited to continue pursuing a career in this field.

Without Wabash College, career services, alumni, and the Lilly Endowment, this opportunity could have never been possible and I am extremely grateful for all of these groups for what they have done for not only me as a person, but for my career as well. Because of this opportunity, I was not only able to land a summer internship, but also a job and possible opportunities for my days after Wabash College. Overall, this internship was an awesome experience and I can not wait to see what will come from it in my future!

Fernung ’19 Learns how a Small Business Operates through Internship

Jacob Fernung ’19 SafeHiring Solutions – This summer I have had the honor of being a business development intern with SafeHiring Solutions. SafeHiring Solutions is a background screening firm that does everything from background checks to securing buildings with a visitor management software. It is based in Danville, IN, but also has an office in Crawfordsville. Because of this, I have been able to live on campus over the summer and commute to work. SafeHiring is run by Wabash grad Mike McCarty ‘90. Wabash grad David Brewer ‘90 also works there, and I was able to work closely with both Mike and David. Through this internship, it has been a blast to learn about security and also be able to connect and hear recanted stories from Wabash alumni.

Honestly, I could not be happier with the internship, everyone I’ve met and worked with, and just the entire experience. I have spent 8 weeks of my summer gaining extremely valuable workplace experience, and truly have been able to contribute to SafeHiring. A big key for me is bringing value to anything that I do. Through this internship, I most definitely have received lots of value by expanding my knowledge and being immersed in many different projects that have further strengthened my business experience. Because of all this value I personally have received, I have tried my best to return the favor and bring as much value to SafeHiring. Projects I have worked on include starting and maintaining social media accounts, client and other related research, leading live demonstrations for prospective clients, and speaking with clients as well as prospective clients over the phone. Additionally, I worked to start a weekly-posting blog that relates to the field of security and related SafeHiring products. I have been able to sit in on meetings, and tag along for on-site visits. Since the very first day of the internship, I was treated as a member of the team and was held accountable to perform as such.

There is no doubt the work that I have done through this internship has helped me not only in understanding more about business development, but really experiencing everything that goes into maintaining a business. My goals at the beginning of the internship were to get better with speaking on the phone, successfully give a presentation as part of a sales pitch, and help acquire at least one new sale. I was able to reach these goals thanks to my awesome coworkers and the great opportunities I was given through this internship. I would like to thank Mike McCarty, David Brewer, Roland Morin, as well as the Lilly Endowment for making it possible for me to intern with SafeHiring.