Taylor Canter ’18 Blue Marketing – I am a marketing intern that focuses on graphic design for Blue Marketing in Crawfordsville, Indiana. I do a variety of things for them, from creating web graphics and advertisements, to shooting and editing videos. I assist with the management of 6 of our clients Facebook pages by creating graphics for them to post and scheduling when they will be posted. This has not only enabled me to explore my creativity in a professional setting, but also helped me greatly with my time management. In order to increase the presence of our clients in the social media realm, I have done extensive research analyzing the frequency and types of posts made by our competitors. This taught me much about the process of competitor analysis, which will be an important skill to have no matter where I end up after college. I have also dabbled in blog writing for our clients and us, which has allowed me to explore new creative territory aside from the Adobe creative cloud that I am using for the more visual forms of marketing. While this was not something that I had done before, it did not push me out of my comfort zone quite like the video shooting and editing. Composing shots and really delving into the specifics of Adobe Premiere are just two of the skills that I am thankful for acquiring as a result of this! An eye for composing aesthetic shots and general photography is a highly sought out skill in marketing and the video shooting has primed me for success in those regards.

On top of the visual skills I have been improving upon, shooting interviews also required me to think about all aspects of what I was filming including the content of the interviewees. My interpersonal skills have benefited from this as I have had to talk to people of all types throughout this interview process such as some farmers who are not necessarily used to being in front of a camera or being in a very social setting in general. In order to be able to produce a good video I had to talk through the interview process with the interviewees. Whether I needed them to stop fidgeting or speak in a more concise manner, learning to identify what would make for a better final product was definitely a new way of thinking for me that enhanced my ability to think about problems and projects from multiple perspectives. Not only have I been able to capitalize and improve upon my old skills, but I also have new ones to add to my portfolio that will greatly benefit me heading forward. I am looking to go into marketing and branding, so knowing as many aspects of the field as possible will certainly benefit my future. This internship and all of the skills I have gained from it would not have happened if it weren’t for the Lilly Endowment so I am very grateful for that.