Isaac Wynne ’19 SafeHiring Solutions – My eight week internship this summer was with SafeHiring Solutions. SafeHiring Solutions is based out of Danville, Indiana and specializes in background checks and visitor management. I was a business development intern which included working in sales, client outreach, and prospecting new clients for the company. After my eight week internship was completed, SafeHiring Solutions offered me a part time job for the rest of the summer and for during the school year as well. I cannot thank Wabash College and the Lilly Endowment enough for this unbelievable opportunity and experience!

Throughout the eight week period, I was given many different tasks to work on and complete. It started off with cleaning up some of the company’s information by sorting out their inactive and active clients in their system. This then evolved into me making contact with the inactive clients to try to win them back by selling them the new features SafeHiring Solutions has to offer. Through my time interning, I was given more and more responsibility. I was able to go to a few conferences with my boss, Dave Brewer. These included sales calls to schools like Crown Point and Plainfield, and meetings in Chicago and Bloomington. Being able to take part in these business settings gave me an entirely new outlook on what business and sales looks like in the real world. At the end of the internship, I was cold calling and setting up software demos. I even had the opportunity to run a few demos for potential clients. Before this internship, I thought I was interested in sales, but did not have a profound understanding of what it exactly entailed. With my experiences through SafeHiring Solutions, I understand sales and business development through a whole new lense and I am excited to continue pursuing a career in this field.

Without Wabash College, career services, alumni, and the Lilly Endowment, this opportunity could have never been possible and I am extremely grateful for all of these groups for what they have done for not only me as a person, but for my career as well. Because of this opportunity, I was not only able to land a summer internship, but also a job and possible opportunities for my days after Wabash College. Overall, this internship was an awesome experience and I can not wait to see what will come from it in my future!