FIJI Island

AudieThis weekend was Phi Gamma Delta’s Psi Chapter FIJI Island party. Being one of the biggest, if not the biggest, function of the year. An event that a large portion of Wabash Men and visiting females attend; and I do mean a lot of females.  10151845_10202904562129358_2159517745065978431_n

My pledge father's girlfriend, my pledge mother, Caroline

My pledge father’s girlfriend, my pledge mother, Caroline

We make two large sandpits in our parking lot, a tent, DJ with lasers , a volleyball net, and make it an island theme. On top of this, during the week we host our faculty dinner with libations for the faculty, and proceed to put on that FIJI swagger in hopes of making our professors love us even more. We participated in the Sets on the Beach volleyball tournament, hosted by Phi Kappa Psi, and I believe won it; maybe.

Blurring weeks and Stimulation

RobertSometimes it seems that the days kind of blur together. Overused cliches aside, the last few weeks have passed by rather fast. I find April going by and I still feel unprepared for what’s to come in the final weeks of this semester (but I’m not worrying; I’ll get it done, and look on the bright side of life). Dork club is winding down, but we’ve still got a few more events coming up (I’ll be sue to talk about what happens when it happens).

And the weather is being stupid.

I shouldn’t complain, since I’ve put up with crummy weather in the past when I was back in Oregon, but seriously? We have a nice weekend in the 70s and today was in the 40s. Not fun. Fortunately for me it was my off-day so I got to stay inside. Yay me.

Although, I think I’ve said this before but it’s really important to find something to do to occupy your time when you’re not going to class. I do have my other writing to keep me occupied (Shameless Self Promotion time: your homework is to go to and read Kyoshi Rising and then tell other people about what an amazing writer I am… or not, I won’t pressure you into anything), but inspiration tends to be sporadic with most everything, including these blogs here. So in between inspiration, I’ve got to entertain myself in other ways. Which is where I think I need to improve; I’m not a sports guy so while I do have the option to go out and maybe throw a frisbee or other such object that can be thrown, I’m not exceptionally good at it and would probably slow more people down than I would help. I’m not in the play, so I can’t go over motions or stage directions (it’s the silent one, remember?) and… well, it was cold today, I was inside.

But still, I encourage you to look for something other than Youtube videos to pass the time between homework assignments (no matter how good those mashups of Attack on Titan and Pacific Rim are). Go on walks, write, play some kind of amusing little games (but intelligent ones, otherwise you just turn into some kind of couch potato type), watch some good shows (*cough*Avatar*cough*), just do something… I know watching Youtube videos is kind of doing something, but do something stimulating.

On a different note, there was a lunar eclipse last night. I was asleep, but I guess it was pretty cool.

Too bad a fish had to be punched for it to happen.

'tis a crazy general punching the physical embodiment of the moon in the face, nothing more

‘Tis a crazy general punching the physical embodiment of the moon in the face, nothing more

Looking back and these next three weeks

Alejandroblog83It is that time of the semester where assignments are stacked higher than the B.S. coming out of a Mexican politicians mouth. That is a lot by the way.

I am not here just to moan about all that I have to do because even though it may be a lot, not any of my papers that I have due are uninteresting or boring. One of my papers for my Public Policy class is about obesity amongst the youth and how policies created by the FDA could push the youth to make better dietary choices. As much of a research paper that it may sound like, I get to tie it to economics and paternalistic policies. Basically it is a topic I am highly interested in that I got to pick and because of that, the paper is basically writings itself. (I Wish)

This semester I lucked out on having too many written finals because I only have to take one for my music class. The rest of my finals are papers on topics of my choosing. But even thought I only have that one final, it does not mean I wont be studying hard for it. I am sure I will be in the library like I was last semester working hard. Maybe not as hard I was in this picture. I am in three different spots if you didn’t notice. Going to be a stretch these last three weeks but there is no where else I would rather be for college. I have made bunch of great friends here and the culture and feeling of Wabash can not be matched anywhere else. No mistakes made in choosing Wabash. Got to get back to writing papers. Check back in tomorrow.


Always Look On The Bright Side of Life (and going outside)

RobertOn Thursday, the Classics Club had a special viewing of Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Probably one of my favorite scene from the movie is the final scene; Brian’s being crucified due to bureaucracy screw ups, and he has been abandoned in no short order by his friends, the government, his followers/stalkers, his girlfriend and his mother. Things are looking pretty bad for him… until one of Eric Idle’s characters starts to sing a cheery song about looking on the bright side of life. The message is simple: things in life never really turn out how you want them to. You might fail a test (not saying that I did, I’m just using it as an example), you might get sick, your flight home might get delayed a few hours, but you shouldn’t let that bother you. You should just smile and press on and not worry about all the things that have gone wrong in life. It’s kind of like Everything is Awesome in a way; you shouldn’t worry about screw ups and failings, and instead focus on everything that has gone right in your life because that matters more in the end.

Me for example, I’m not a perfect straight-A student, I’ve been unceremoniously fired (sort of) from a past job, and I’ve damaged both my parents’ cars on separate occasions. Do I worry about that? No, I’m thankful for my parents, who understand me and encourage my creativity. I’m thankful for my girlfriend, who also understands me and tolerates my weirder moments. I’m thankful for my sister, who comes up to see me every now and then and we go out for lunch, and that always gives me a nice energy boost. I’m thankful for my friends, both here at Wabash and back in Oregon, who share my interests and are also capable of putting up with my weirder outburst. I’m thankful for my extended family, who have been an inspiration to me and have encouraged me and enjoyed my work. And I’m thankful for my skills as a writer, without which I’d probably be a much more boring person.

So I say look on the bright side of life, because more often than not the good things in life will outweigh the not-so good things. Those you should lock away where you can never ever ever EVER find them.

Unikitty thinks you all need to be more friendly

Unikitty thinks you all need to be more friendly

Anyway, on to other topics. It’s a really nice day here in Crawfordsville. Nice enough that I went for a walk, and had a great time of it except for the parts when the wind picked up. Not to say I don’t like wind (I love it), it’s just that I don’t like it when twigs and dirt fly in my face. But I shouldn’t complain, it’s not like it’s a sandstorm or something. Anyway, I went for a nice walk, just some time to get some fresh air, clear my mind and get some ideas flowing, and I took this picture of  the arboretum:

It's pretty!

It’s pretty!

The grass is a bit dead and there are no leaves on the trees, but it’s nice to see some green after several months of brown. In a few weeks the leaves should come out (I think; it’s easier to tell in Oregon), and everything will be all nice and pretty. I’ve said before that I’ve got finals and hard work ahead for me, so it’s times like this when I can get outside (and Dork Club, never forget Dork Club) that I am able to keep a level head and not freak out too much.

And never forget:

Purple Gartar Formal

AudieFormal in Louisville (Louaville) was by far one of the most fun times I’ve ever had, and it was also the longest drive I have ever made (which is kind of a bigger deal for me).  The Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta were able to spend Friday night to Saturday morning at the Galt Hotel, and we were able to explore and travel different parts of Louisville.

A number of people visited the derby, others the Louisville Slugger Factory, and others went to Chipotle for lunch (i.e. me). We went around town, saw the people, the riverside park, and enjoyed hanging in our hotel rooms watching ABC Family movies. Theeeeeeeen we turned up with that fancy three course dinner, and danced like Wabash Men do (like idiots, ’cause #YOLO).