Day 1 of Glee Club Tour

Wrapping up Day 1 of Spring Glee Club Tour and so far so good. Got up at 6:00 and travelled to a nearby catholic church where we performed 3 pieces during mass and then afterwords performed about 5 or 6.

Felt pretty good being received that well at that church. After the church we headed to River Oaks Mall. Let’s just say it was, how do you say it, hmmm a ratchet mall. Pretty fun walking into a clothing store with exorbitantly lavish clothes that I would not buy if I was Bill Gates. I don’t think anyone would buy a silk maroon paisley vest with matching coat and paisley pants and if you would, more power to ya.

Tomorrow is also suppose to be a great day, maybe going to head to the indoor pool in this hotel.
Check in tomorrow.