Everybody’s got a niche

Yeah it might be cliche but usually the truth is. Two of my classes this semester allow me to express my interest in education specifically charter schools like KIPP. In my Spanish class the final is a ten page research paper on the problem with public education and if charter schools like KIPP are actually fixing the problem. In my Econ Public Policy class I have to write two policy briefs also on KIPP and public education. Once those get off the ground and running I will be able to combine information and use resources over again in all three of my assignments.

My niche is KIPP and being able to write about how it helps me and its current students succeed in their own field of interest. Why, because even though KIPP might be here to prepare you for college they understand that college is not for everyone. But the skills to go to and through college should be for everyone. That is why it is my niche, KIPP allows me to help others while all the while continuing to help me and inform others of KIPP.