Break is almost over; now we must prepare for school to come again

Another thing I noticed: not much has changed around Wabash… during this break, at least.

I don’t mean that “Oh, there’s a bunch of new people here and now they’re not here”. I mean nothing really has changed; with no one around the grass has gotten rather long and the living arrangements are in a state of semi-neglect. It’s a bit sad, actually… Well, in a few days everything will get back to normal.

Now, in regards to this break… well, it was just that; a break. It’s not a ground breaking, life changing event that everyone and their mother should plan ten years in advance for. I’m sure a lot of us needed a break from school, a chance to gather ourselves and meet up with friends and family once more (yeah, I’m still rather jealous of the people from Indiana). Still, just because we’re on break doesn’t mean we get to goof off all the time; we’re still Wabash men, after all, and we’ve got to act like it. You can’t just go around, trashing living units and such, and expect that there’s not going to be anything to come of it. I mean, the least you could do is clean up after yourself but no! You just think “Hey, it’s break; I can do whatever I want”. It doesn’t work that way!

I apologize for that rant… It was childish and immature… but it helped, I guess.

So yeah, break’s pretty much over. Back to work on Monday

Midterms are over, and all is quiet

So, Midterms are over (for the most part; I still have to take a test on Monday), and now Wabash is quiet… to be honest, I don’t think I got the best idea what Midterms are like.

I say this because I only had one class where I really had a final (Latin) and all the others I had dealt with in the previous weeks. So while that did leave me with some free time, I feel like I am not as prepared for what is ahead of me next semester… Well, maybe that’s exaggerating a bit (I do that from time to time).

Also, Midterms brings up another thing: there’s no one here.

Really, there isn’t. The entire campus is deserted save for a handful of students. I can’t really go home, Oregonian and all, but as a lot of the people here are from Indiana it makes sense that they’d get away for a few days. Yeah, I envy them a little; I’d like to go home, sleep in my own bed, see my parents, girlfriend and other friends, eat a decent piece of fish (and Ruben’s Pizza). But I would also like to spend more time than just one or two days; that’s good for a short break, maybe go out a few times with friends, but fly across the country? Kind of much, especially since Thanksgiving break is in a few weeks and I’ll be going home for a whole week, more or less.

I’ll have more to say on this when the week is over.

And now for some shameless self-promotion; these are some of my Space Marines that I use at Dork Club, Wabash’s Gaming club. You should go to Dork Club, because it is awesome

Fall Break Update

I wasn’t really able to get a blog out last week because of midterms approaching and the Phi Gamma Delta Alumni Pig Dinner this weekend. That all meant I had to get as much homework and studying done as possible before Saturday if I didn’t want to be behind in my studies. SO here is my blog for those faithful followers (i.e. mom and grandparents).

Fall break is coming up here soon, and it will be a much needed break and trip back home for a few days. Fall is definitely coming as well if it wasn’t already here. The temperature continues to drop, it is dark by 8, and cross country season is nearing its end. Many of my pledge brothers are heading home for break, or going home with another pledge brother since they live so far away from Indiana. I plan on going home to see my family in Logansport, visit my alma mater’s cross country team, and get ahead on homework for when I come back next Monday.

Much of the cross country team is heading to Wisconsin over break for the biggest race of the year outside of regionals/nationals. Good luck to the Redpack in the coming days!



Inauguration Weekend

Congrats to President Hess!

Just a jam packed weekend. It started thirty minutes after my Econ class on Friday with the President’s Inauguration. Glee club took the stage and sang “Come Travel With Me.” The song was an invitation as if we were President Hess and he was asking the audience to join him on this great expedition. I can’t stop thinking that, in a way, I was in President Hess’ shoes and was asking Wabash Trustees, students, alumns, faculty, staff and the Board of Directors to be part of the journey.

Following the melodic invitation was the benediction and then our Alma Mater. We finished and cleared the stage for the recessional.

Wabash heading for the lockers at the end of first half

The celebration continued into Saturday with the football teams win against Ohio Wesleyan University and then Party with the Prezz on the mall.

Latasha and her band

If you didn’t join the President at yesterday’s party, you really missed out. There was live music the entire time, a cupcake truck, a smoothie truck, and even a taco truck.

It’s exciting thinking about the ideas and changes President Hess has up his sleeve for Wabash. I already love the experience and freedom to choose from clubs and classes and I can’t even imagine how much better it is going to get while I am here and even when I graduate.

That same night some of my buddies and I watched five movies back to back: “30 for 30, The U,” the classic “Untouchables,” the stomach cringing “Jackass” part one and two, and every boys favorite, “Small Soldiers.” Well that last one probably doesn’t completely count because I can’t remember watching the last scene.

Did I get anything done yesterday? You may not think so, and I would have to forcefully oblige.

But would I do it again?


It’s the kickoff for the fall break. Just three more days this week and then a much needed and yearned for fall break is here. Going to Fish, head to SkyZone, watch more movies, hit the gym and definitely the books. Just relax and settle in for another big academic push.

I will leave y’all with that and probably post again Thursday morning about fishing and roasting marshmallows under the stars on Wednesday.

Thanks for reading!


Midterms (yay?)

Don’t expect to hear from me until Wednesday at the latest. Why? Midterms.

Midterms run the rest of this week and next week until Thursday, I think (I should find a schedule or something). My schedule is probably not as extreme as I say it is, but still midterms are important. Remember my post about College being a chariot race? Imagine Midterms as the last corner on the first lap, only chariot races have about a dozen or so laps if not more. And as chariots are very unwieldy, midterms are an easy place for you to lose control and slam into a wall.

Yeah, the metaphor kind of got away from me there, but it still makes sense to some degree.

So, back to my original sentence; I intend to spend as much times as I can study or otherwise not goofing around. I’ve got a paper or two that I need to finish up, and some other things I need to finish up as well… yes, I am doing my blog post right now, but it’s my job; I’m supposed to inform you guys about what’s going on here at Wabash, and what’s going on is midterms.

Yay us. This week’s been too long.