Time Management

Do not procrastinate. Pretty self-explanatory right? WRONG! It’s a little more than budgeting time to study outside of class as some would think, especially if you are an athlete or pledging a fraternity.

Couple tips and heads ups:

1. When you are done with classes go straight to the library, sit at a table and start getting that day’s work done. Don’t just wait till 6 that night to start, get it done the moment class is over.

2. For every hour spent in class aim to try and put an hour and a half additional study to that subject outside of any homework time you need to put it. Homework time does not necessarily count as studying always, depending on the material of the subject.

3. There is no going to a lecture or class and then taking the test and getting an A. It is as simple as that. Especially in the sciences.

4. In high school you could wait till Sunday to write a paper or do all the homework assigned for the coming Monday and Tuesday classes. Well at Wabash good luck with that sometimes. Have fun on the weekends, if you don’t you will wear yourself down even quicker than ever. Try to get as much done Friday afternoon and night as possible, then you can have the entire Saturday and much of Sunday to relax.

5. Sleep doesn’t exist, just a little forewarning. A good 8-9 hours will exist on some days, but be prepared to only have 4 hours or 5 hours of sleep multiple times in a week. Sometimes that is just how the cookie crumbles.

6. If you are in a sport and pledging a fraternity, then you should be prepared for other pledges who are not in sports to have things constantly done before you. The simple matter is you will have 2-3 hours minimum each day taken out do to a sport (which is so worth it! #RedpackSwagger #XC). Also, it’s difficult to balance things sometimes with school, sports, and pledgeship.

7. Read while you walk to class! There are 10 minute “passing” periods between schedule class hours, and every freshman will more than likely have a “small” book they have to read for at least one class. That period spent walking can cover at least an additional 30 pages a day and quickly add up over the period of the week. Just know how to use your time.

8. If you’re religious there tends to be a Tuesday service and a Mass on Sundays around 7pm. IF faith is important to you, then don’t miss Mass or a service because homework is pilling up. An hour out of the week for God is never wasted time.

Shout out to my friend Nathan Bode ’16, another blogger, who is a Wabash man that knows how to brighten anyone’s day. Also to Ryan Horner ’15, who you can always sit down and have a serious talk with and knows how to be compassionate.


Keep Investing

Life could not get better.

The best feeling in the world for a college student, besides finding places with free food on campus, is turning in the final draft of a paper. When you invest hours of revising, editing, and just writing, the final product can be nothing less than a great piece of writing.

Today I turned in my second paper for my tutorial class and I am hyped. Now it’s time for my final 13 page paper. While I just devoured my quesadillas and spinach at lunch today, I asked myself that question many college students love, “Why do I need to go to school?”

As soon as I asked myself that I said “Nope, not today.” I couldn’t put myself in that mood. So I began thinking about everything I’ve learned in the little time of being here. I changed my mindset and reminded myself about the special experience of being at Wabash.

Being the business oriented guy I am, I understand the importance of investments. It’s not just the actual money spent for school, but time and effort in the little things besides that diploma. The collective hours spent working on essays and making them nearly perfect will have a greater payoff than just a grade. I started fantasizing about being a big CEO or CFO and having to write about the company and present to the board of directors on my findings.

That may be a large stretch, but I can’t lie that it’s a goal and I am determined to invest all the time necessary. I am willing to push it past my limits and give it my all to get there.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lots of Raaain!!!

Well, it’s certainly gotten a lot colder lately. Must be Fall…

I am making these assumptions because we don’t really have this kind of weather in Oregon.

Here, you can tell when it’s Fall; the weather gets colder, leaves start changing colors and all the cute fuzzy animals start disappearing… as do the bugs, so win there. You actually have a semi set time where people start to bundle up, clearly defined seasons that help you plan out your day and what you are doing.

In Oregon, you have rain.

Yeah, that’s pretty accurate

It rains a lot in Oregon. And I do mean a lot. That Thunderstorm we had a few days ago? Just get rid of the lightning and stretch it out a month or two, and you get a good idea about what it’s like in Oregon. Expecting a pleasant spring followed by a nice, warm summer? Nope, rain. Baseball game? Nope, rain. Want snow in winter? Nope, rain. Romantic date? Make sure it’s inside, because rain. Part of the reason I wanted to go to college outside of Oregon was because the year before we had so much rain that I got sick of it, and I lived there for 13 years!… Okay, I was probably over-reacting, but it was still a lot of rain.

Worse, it doesn’t even have the courtesy to be somewhat warm when it rains. Here you get a bit of humidity, but remember what I said about getting rain instead of snow? Even when we should get snow, we get rain. So not only are you soaked, you’re also frozen, probably sick, and you can barely move coherently because all you clothes are waterlogged… although that probably has to do with being soaked. Whatever.

Anyway, the weather here will take some time to get used to… Actually, I kind of miss the rain. Sorry, Indiana, but Oregon’s got something I’m a bit familiar with.

The Long Run

First off this blog will be a little about distance running, a topic I know most people really don’t care about. But let it be known it’s not a running blog about how far we ran, what our average mile pace, was or any of the uber knowledge no one but runners care to read about. This is just a story of how ten Wabash Cross Country runners decided to leave rainy Crawfordsville at 7:30AM for rainy Lafayette to do our team long run of the week.

Boyer ’14 and Murphy ’17 getting their groove thing on

Boyer ’14, Boyce ’15, McManus ’14

Background knowledge for those of you think every run is a “long” run. A long run is by definition, a run during the week (typically a Sunday) that will make up 20-25% of the overall weekly mileage that one accumulates. For some on the team it is 9 to 11 miles, for others its 20 miles on Sunday alone. Also, it is probably one of the most fun runs of the week by far. “But he said some of them run between 11-20 miles? How could that be fun?!” Trust me it is. Its over an hour of running with your teammates and friends and getting to know them, makes jokes with them, and just have a good time. It is fun. The premise of a long run is to not go as fast as possible for the entire distance, but to keep a steady pace and allow the vast distance to strengthen the capillaries and blood flow of the body to increase endurance in a race.  

So here is what happened today. It was raining here in the western part of Indiana and every dirt trail you would think of to go do 11-20 miles on was more than likely too muddy to survive. Being the spirited and adventurous you Wabash men we are, 10 of use decided we still wanted to go up to Purdue as well planned earlier in the week. So a groggy forty-five minute car ride of blissful silence was how we embarked on our journey.  As we expected it was raining in Lafayette and would continue to rain over the rest of our time spent there. Now, myself and a few others had never really been around the Purdue campus, and Cole Hruskovich ’14 (of Central Catholic High School) led the way for the fist 11 miles to guide us.

While we had expected to see  a number of lovely ladies at that early hour, sadly we were mistaken and no one was going to be out walking in the rain. #WabashProblems. Instead, we spent the morning hitting the pavement of Purdue, running past the fraternities, and down Sorority Row (The Acres). We ran past other runners from the community throughout the workout, and at one point ran alongside one of our senior runner’s ex-girlfriend’s mother… awkward. Now runners are some of the best singers and most knowledgeable connoisseurs of movie quotes for those of you at home who don’t know any runners too closely. Now imagine ten soaking wet men in short shorts and singing Singing in the Rain in the rain. Next imagine the same men jumping in the large puddles as they present themselves in order to further soak the teammates around them. Also, we ran up and down almost a mile of parking structure just for the fun of it.

Best part of our adventure around the deserted campus was our run in of a cheer competition that had yet to begin. The indoor track at Purdue has two garage doors on the side of the building to move in and out larger items; both of which were open. Now, we only wanted a slight break from the rain at first, till we saw the cheerleaders… then we REALLY wanted a break from the rain. SOOO we may or may not have made a short lap around the 200 meter track full of women.

Afterwards all ten of us ran back to our parked cars to drop off the five of us who were done with our run and for the others to ditch their wet clothes and continue running. Of course, we proceeded to have a Brittany Spears dance party before we drove off. A dance party to which a few random cars saw the great talent of dancing so many young Wabash men possess.

It’s a little hard to fit all the jokes and things said that only young men find funny, but today’s run is definitely one of the greatest positives I’ve had at this school. This is a team that knows how to have fun, but also how be serious and gets shit done when it is time. This is what makes my Wabash great, this team, these guys, and the opportunity to be apart of something truly great.


Wild Oats

Such a lively performance by the theatre department last night. I am just astonished by the talent on that stage and even more amazed that they were mostly Wabash guys. Such a wonderful performance by the theatre department. They packed the house and rocked it too. I don’t remember specific lines on of the many sexual innuendos, but the joy and laughter I haven’t forgotten. Saturday night is the last showing, so if your free at 8 pm head over to Salter.

Before I made my decision to come to Wabash, I had a personal experience with the theatre department here. I was on campus for Honors Scholarship Weekend and I met, now alumn, Ryan Lutz. He encouraged me to go to the theatre department to check it out. I had never been in a theatre or acting class before and I thought watching wouldn’t hurt.

Well I was right, watching wouldn’t hurt, but they didn’t have me just watching. The class was having their daily rehearsal and decided to have us warm up with them. One warm up consisted of tongue twisters I still can’t untwist . Another was every person makes a physical movement with an accompanied sound and the rest of the class copies them. It was ways out of my comfort zone and different from anything I had ever done before.

I think that in every one of my classes now, I have felt out of my comfort zone, and as awkward as it feels to be uncomfortable I have learned to appreciate it. I have learned to appreciate stepping out of my small cozy area. When I am in my comfort zone, I don’t interact with my professors in discussions or debates and I am not growing as an individual.

Part of being Seriously Confident, is being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Get out of your own shoes and try new things. Try Glee Club even though you have never sung outside of the shower. Try the Radio Station, even though you have never been in a studio. You’ll find you have more interest you thought you did not have. Who knows, you could even make a college career out of one of those interest.