Break is almost over; now we must prepare for school to come again

Another thing I noticed: not much has changed around Wabash… during this break, at least.

I don’t mean that “Oh, there’s a bunch of new people here and now they’re not here”. I mean nothing really has changed; with no one around the grass has gotten rather long and the living arrangements are in a state of semi-neglect. It’s a bit sad, actually… Well, in a few days everything will get back to normal.

Now, in regards to this break… well, it was just that; a break. It’s not a ground breaking, life changing event that everyone and their mother should plan ten years in advance for. I’m sure a lot of us needed a break from school, a chance to gather ourselves and meet up with friends and family once more (yeah, I’m still rather jealous of the people from Indiana). Still, just because we’re on break doesn’t mean we get to goof off all the time; we’re still Wabash men, after all, and we’ve got to act like it. You can’t just go around, trashing living units and such, and expect that there’s not going to be anything to come of it. I mean, the least you could do is clean up after yourself but no! You just think “Hey, it’s break; I can do whatever I want”. It doesn’t work that way!

I apologize for that rant… It was childish and immature… but it helped, I guess.

So yeah, break’s pretty much over. Back to work on Monday