Midterms (yay?)

Don’t expect to hear from me until Wednesday at the latest. Why? Midterms.

Midterms run the rest of this week and next week until Thursday, I think (I should find a schedule or something). My schedule is probably not as extreme as I say it is, but still midterms are important. Remember my post about College being a chariot race? Imagine Midterms as the last corner on the first lap, only chariot races have about a dozen or so laps if not more. And as chariots are very unwieldy, midterms are an easy place for you to lose control and slam into a wall.

Yeah, the metaphor kind of got away from me there, but it still makes sense to some degree.

So, back to my original sentence; I intend to spend as much times as I can study or otherwise not goofing around. I’ve got a paper or two that I need to finish up, and some other things I need to finish up as well… yes, I am doing my blog post right now, but it’s my job; I’m supposed to inform you guys about what’s going on here at Wabash, and what’s going on is midterms.

Yay us. This week’s been too long.