A Walk Through Wabash

I didn’t really have a lot to do today (I had a reasonable load of homework and a case of writer’s block), so I decided to get out and go for a walk. Grabbing an apple for a snack and a coat for warmth, I stepped out of my house and started walking around Wabash’s Campus.

My path took me first past the arboretum. For those that are not from Crawfordsville, or just unfamiliar with Wabash, the arboretum contains every single tree native to Indiana, and it’s got a lot of trees. As an Oregonian, I like spending time around trees, since it reminds me a bit of home. Anyway, most of the trees haven’t lost their leaves yet, but as I walked further I found a few that were in the process of losing their leaves or had already lost them. Oregon doesn’t have a lot of deciduous trees in comparison to evergreens (personal inference; there always seems to be more pine trees and similar trees and not many deciduous trees, so this was nice to see). And with a nice apple to snack on, that segments of my walk really felt like a nice fall afternoon (kind of like what I experienced in New York when I was really little).

After passing the arboretum I crossed in front of the chapel, where there were a few more pretty trees to behold. I also caught a glimpse of the football team out at practice, but sports was not my priority so I ignored them for the most part. Unfortunately, I ran out of apple and had to walk with no snack for the rest of the way, and that made me sad… well, sort off. It was nice outside, and that made the walk worth it.

I passed by the Athletics Center, and here things start changing. There are fewer trees, more houses and other facilities. This isn’t a bad thing, but I liked the first leg of my walk a bit better, since it was prettier. Anyway, I saw a few others out walking, although I didn’t necessarily interact with them beyond just a nod and a simple hello. I’m okay with this; going on walks is a good way to clear your head, and sometimes it’s best to go alone (although having company is good, but most of the people I’d like to walk with are back in Oregon). Soon, though, I was getting back to campus, and the trees came back. Yay me.

The last leg of my trip took me around the arboretum one more time. There were a bunch of nice flowers over by the sign. I bring this up because other than the trees Wabash is slightly sparse when it comes to landscaping; a few shrubs here and there, but not much in the way of flowers. Maybe it has something to do with the weather; I imagine that if it got cold enough all the flowers might suffer a severe case of dead, so that’s why there are so few here compared to Oregon.

But I digress.

Anyway, I finished up my walk and started work on this blog post… I really needed that walk; just a chance to get out and clear my head, without the usual distractions of being around a lot of people. We all need moments like this, since we can focus on what’s going on in our heads and plan out just what we are going to do in the weeks to come. And, for a writer like me, it does wonders in getting rid of writer’s block.

Wish I had brought my phone, then you guys would have gotten pictures. Oh well…