The B & B Show

If you want to know what it stands for, ask either Pat or I. 

Well Pat and I finished our first broadcast last night and it was AWESOME. I am still excited writing about it now. Sitting behind those studio mics that you have seen on TV and babbling into them was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had while trying something new. I know we both were a bit nervous going into it, but our excitement simply cast away any sense of its presence.Pat calling his parents about the show.


We were on air playing a shared interest of music consisting of everything from Neil Young to Ray Charles. This show was just a great way to relieve some homework stress that video games and music weren’t able to help with. Literally an output for stress where we input our creativity.

Speaking of creativity, we came up with the idea to invite President Hess to our show and have him kick off our WNDY guest star line up. It’s not official yet, but if he agrees we are looking to advertise and inform the campus about it. It is nothing more than the greatest idea. Students will  have a reason to tune into WNDY, creating an audience for many of the other shows. Students will also be able to learn about what President Hess has in store for Wabash. But as most college students are, we are looking to keep this informal all the while professional so students learn about his personal interest, hobbies, crazy stories from his college career, and much more. It obviously doesn’t stop there because we are looking to have professors and even students on air with us so we can get to know different parts of the campus. Athletes, Sphinx Club, Student Senate, IFC or IMA are all fair game along with the rest of the student body. A variety of professors and staff is on our checklist as well.


This radio show is just going to be a gold mine for other students to tune into when they want to sit back, relax and just get a great laugh. If you missed our show yesterday tune in next Wednesday for our next show or tune in anytime of the week past 7 in the evening and listen to one of the other shows. The topics and music vary from show to show, but they are all interesting and enjoyable. 

Hope you can tune into 91.3 FM next Wednesday from 7-8 to listen to some great music.

Thanks for reading yall.