Tung Bui ’19 won one of the Wabash College Celebration, Research, Scholarship and Creativity awards for his presentation – “Would attributions help alleviate the envious emotion?”

At the 19th annual Celebration of Student Research, Scholarship and Creativity, (Friday, January 25th, from 1-4pm in Detchon International Hall), senior Psychology majors Keanan Alstatt ’19, Michael Trebing ’19, and junior Ben Huynh ’20 will present on their research on developing new tools to measure decision-making in humans, while Colby Dunigan ’19 and Jorge Rodriguez ’19 will present their summer research on color vision, which was supported by Dr. Gunther’s grant from the National Science Foundation. Several other psychology students will be presenting work conducted for class projects or independent study, and from across the college, and we will also see presentations from several students working in Biology (sponsored by Drs. Heidi Walsh and Bradley Carlson) on their work on the effect of obesity on the hypothalamus and from students working with our Global Health Initiative  (sponsored by Jill Rogers and Dr. Eric Wetzel ) on work related to mental health, all of which should be of great interest to students studying psychology and/or neuroscience!

Below, we’ve tried to gather a list of the presentations that are most relevant to Psychology students and students interested in Neuroscience, but we would encourage you to try to see a bit of everything at the Celebration! If you happen to be on campus, we hope to see you at the Celebration this year, and we are very impressed with the wide range of work that our students have done over the last year!

And, you can find the full schedule of presentations and descriptions of the work here (PDF)!

Posters – 1-2:30PM – Detchon International Hall
#5 Colby Dunigan & Jorge Rodriguez Cortically-Stimulating Gratings Reveal Non-Cardinal Colors Better than do LGN-Stimulating Spots
#15 Keith Kline Circulating Carotenoid Levels in Eastern Box Turtles
#27 Michael Tanchevski & Rithy Sakk Heng Palmitate signaling in Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Neurons Induces Inflammation and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in a TLR4-Independent Manner
Posters – 2:30-4PM – Detchon International Hall
#2 Thach Huynh, John Trebing & Keanan Alstatt Validation of a Translational Virtual Experiential Foraging Task for Humans
#10 Christopher Wilson & Lucas Soliday Effects of a High Fat Diet on Rat Hypothalamus Neurons and a Possible Botanical Remedy
#24 Chaz Rhodes Eye Color Change and Variation in Eastern Box Turtles


2:40PM Detchon 112 Hunter Jones Small Town Actions towards a National Epidemic: Experiences with Combating
the Opioid Epidemic at the Montgomery County Health Department
3:00PM Detchon 112 Eric Lakomek A Patient’s Perspective in Obtaining Mental Health Treatment