Big Bash 2017 – Class updates

Class of 2002 – 15th year reunion

Allen Clingler ’02 – After graduating Wabash in 2002, I matriculated to Masters of Applied Psychology program at Montana State University. While I loved living the mountains (Bozeman, MT), I quickly realized that this particular program wasn’t the best fit for my long-term interests. I left Montana State at the end of my first year and moved back to Indiana. Needing a job, I accepted a position in the management training program at Enterprise Leasing. After about 2 years at Enterprise, I was recruited by Chase Bank and have since worked in financial services. I managed a Chase branch on the Northeast side of Indianapolis for about 4 years and moved to a regional bank for 2 years to obtain credit training and underwriting experience and obtain greater career mobility. In the fall of 2011, a position with JPMorgan’s Private Bank brought me to Chicago. Today I live in downtown Chicago and work as a Vice President/Private Banker with Northern Trust. Colleagues sometimes comment that psychology was an interesting path to banking but the critical thinking and analytical skills of my undergrad studies are definitely relevant. I will complete my MBA from UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School in June of 2017 and hope to move into a position more focused on product strategy and innovation. I was a French minor at Wabash and try to maintain my language skills. I began studying Croatian (my maternal grandmother’s native language) in 2015 and try to visit Europe 1-2 times a year to not forgot French and Croatian!

Class of 2007 – 10th year reunion

Benjamin Cunningham ’07 – I am currently working as a school psychologist with Fort Wayne Community Schools. My main responsibility is to conduct comprehensive psychological and education evaluations to help determine eligibility for special education services. I then work with school staff to help develop individual service plans to help support students. I also spend majority of my time working closely with principles and other specialists to help support students with significant emotional and behavior problems. I have also done some additional work serving as a consultant for a company that completes psychological evaluations for the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities and Vocational Rehab Services for the state of Indiana (Family and Social Services Administration). I started graduate school at Valparaiso University upon graduation from Wabash. My graduate program consisted of classes in education, advanced psychology, and counseling.

Simon Hoehn ’07 – Since graduation, I attended Washington University in St Louis where I attained a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy. Upon graduation, I moved to Louisville, KY and I took a position as the Director of Rehab for Acute Injury Facility. Along with my physical therapy work, I have been working with small business owners and healthcare providers to develop leadership, management, and coaching strategies to provide transformational culture changes within the workplace. I am also part of a startup company that will provide educational opportunities for practitioners across the country.  Aside from my career, I am most proud of my beautiful wife of nearly 5 years and my amazing 1 year old daughter. They are the light of my life!


Big Bash 2017

Will you be in Crawfordsville for Big Bash this year? If so, please stop by the Psychology Department’s reception for Psychology majors and minors, from 2-3pm on Saturday, June 3rd, in Baxter 312!

Several Wabash faculty and some current students will be attending, and are looking to catch up with alumni and learn more about your path since graduation!