Each year, senior Psychology majors complete a Capstone research project, in which they design and execute a research study in collaboration with one of the Psychology department faculty. In a typical year, seniors would present their work on campus in a poster session, held in the afternoon after classes, and which would be followed by a keynote lecture by a returning Psychology alum.

This year, with programming disrupted by the pandemic, our senior Psychology majors have worked intensely to complete their research projects (in many cases moving data collection to online formats, finding ways to access the necessary statistical software off-campus, and dealing with other logistical hurdles), and their efforts will be showcased today in our first virtual symposium, on Tuesday, April 28th, starting at 4pm EST. We will be using Zoom to host talks by each of our senior majors, and a link to the Zoom session will be distributed to campus by email.

If you would like to attend the virtual symposium, please contact Dr. Neil Schmitzer-Torbert (torbertn@wabash.edu), and we can provide you with information for accessing the meeting.

4:00pmWelcome and Introduction: Dr. Karen Gunther
4:10pmInvestigation of Dispositional Optimism, Not Expectancy, as a Predictor of Placebo Analgesia
Hunter Jones
Adviser: Dr. Karen Gunther
4:25pmIntroduction: Dr. Robert Horton
4:30pmAn Investigation of Conformity: Normative Influences in Social Media
Bill Polen
Adviser: Dr. Robert Horton
4:45pmImpact of Regulatory Focus and Victim Imagery on Donation Intention
Miles Barilla
Adviser: Dr. Robert Horton
5:00pmAn Analysis of Narcissistic Coaching and Its Effects on Player State of Mind
Isaac Avant
Adviser: Dr. Robert Horton
5:15pmPerceived Coaching Style and its Correlation with an Athlete’s Motivation and Team Cohesion
Nathan Melchi
Adviser: Dr. Robert Horton
5:40pmIntroduction: Dr. Eric Olofson
5:55pmChild Temperament as a Predictor of Parental Challenging Behavior
J.R. Hill
Adviser: Dr. Eric Olofson
6:10pmThe Effects of Autonomy Support and Sensitivity on Child Exploration
Ethan Kanzler
Adviser: Dr. Eric Olofson
6:25pmIntroduction: Dr. Preston Bost
6:30pmThe Effect of Organizational Conspiracy Theories on Management Transparency
Luke Podgorny
Adviser: Dr. Preston Bost
6:45pmA Positive Patient-Provider Relationship: The Missing Link to Improving Adherence?
Abraham Kiesel
Adviser: Dr. Preston Bost
7:00pmIntroduction: Dr. Neil Schmitzer-Torbert
7:05pmLoneliness Disrupts Naturalistic Decision-Making
Thach “Ben” Huynh
Adviser: Dr. Neil Schmitzer-Torbert
7:20pmClosing remarks: Dr. Karen Gunther