Alumni Updates – 2017-18

Below are a a collection of the alumni updates received during the 2017-2018 academic year. Do you have an update to share? If so, please let Neil Schmitzer-Torbert know (torbertn AT and we’ll add it to our Facebook page and this blog post!

Brad Wise ’14 presenting his senior capstone work at the Psychology Research Symposium

Brad Wise ’14 will be starting work on his master’s degree this fall in Cornell Tech’sConnective Media program. Connective Media is focused on the study of information science and systems with the goal of understanding how people interact with technology and how people interact with each other through technology. In addition to understanding these interactions, the program also aims to help students learn how to create intuitive and intelligent systems for people, using human centered design approaches and implementing studies in computer science and psychology to facilitate those new technologies.

Dan Bowes ’16 presents his senior capstone project at the 2016 Psychology Research Symposium

Dan Bowes ’16 is working on his Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through Northwestern University, while completing his practicum at an Ada S. McKinley Behavioral Health Center in Chicago. As part of his masters, Dan is currently working with Dr. Eric Beeson to conduct a study of how a student’s sense of community is related to how well they do academically, emotionally, and socially, with a focus on online education. In a second project, Dan is also helping with a literature review about different therapeutic breathing techniques from different cultures and their effects on mental health from a self-reported and neurological context.