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If you aren’t already aware, Wabash is having another important day today and it would be great for you to join me in supporting the College.

Brad Wise ’14 presenting his research in Washington D.C. at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting.

Last year on 4/30, the Wabash nation stepped to the plate and raised over $450,000 from 2,200 donors in the first‐ever Day of Giving.

In Psychology, the donations we received last year let us send a recent graduate, Brad Wise ’14, to Washington D.C. in November. Brad presented at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting on a research study that he conducted in a summer internship at Wabash, on the role of nitric oxide in sexual behavior in male rats. This was a great experience for Brad, as he plans to apply for graduate study in Psychology this year, and we could not have done it without your help!

Today, I am asking you to help us Go for 2 on 4.22. This year, we are raising funds for another recent graduate, Andy Walsh ’14.  Andy is a graduate student Sport and Exercise Psychology at Ball State, and he will be traveling to Switzerland next summer to present the results of his research.  Andy’s program will be covering the majority of the costs of his trip, but additional matching funds will be required to make this international trip happen.  We think that this will be an excellent opportunity for Andy, hope you will consider donating to the Special Psychology Fund today to support Andy and other Psychology students.

For every gift made to the Special Psychology Fund, the Psychology faculty will match $5 dollars up to $650!  To support Wabash and our Psychology students, when making your gift at, simply select PsychSpecial650 from the drop‐down menu.

Stand with me today in supporting Wabash and spread the word!

Best wishes, and thank you again for your support,

Neil Schmitzer-Torbert
Daniel F. Evans Associate Professor in Social Sciences
Department of Psychology, Chair

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