At the 15th annual Celebration of Student Research, Scholarship and Creativity, (Friday, January 23rd, from 1-4pm in Detchon International Hall) there will be four posters/talks by students conducting work in psychology. Two (by Colin Downey ’15 and Charles Wu ’15) describe work conducted in summer research internships, a third (by Lu Hong ’15) describes the results of an independent study, and the fourth (by Adam Boehm ’15, Daniel Bowes ’16, Keaton Holsinger ’15, Chris Stazinski ’15, Chase Young ’16, Niki Kazahaya ’18, & Adam Rains ’17) describes preliminary analyses from data collected on an immersion trip to Montreal last November.

[Edit: the Wabash web site has a nice write-up on the Celebration, including some quotes from Lu Hong ’15, who was presenting research projects in both Psychology and Chemistry]

If you happen to be on campus, we hope to see you at the Celebration this afternoon, and we are very impressed with the wide range of work that our students have done over the last year!

Posters – 1-2:30PM – Detchon International Hall
#3 Adam Boehm, Daniel Bowes, Keaton Holsinger, Chris Stazinski, Chase Young, Niki Kazahaya, & Adam Rains Differences in brain activations during memory-guided and GPS-guided wayfinding in a virtual city
#9 Colin Downey Non-cardinal color mechanisms: Stimulus size matters
#17 Lu Hong Assessing navigation performance in virtual environments on mobile devices


2:10PM Detchon 111 Yunan Wu How do children learn to access the unsaid?