New Server, and Honor Scholarship Weekend

Robert I’ve been quiet this week. I chalk it up to focusing on my work, and also we got a new server for our blogs and I haven’t had a chance to try it out. Consider this my intro blog to the new server.

Anyway, I have something important to say:

Honor Scholarship Weekend is coming up.

I missed most of Honor Scholarship Weekend when I was a prospect due to conflicting schedules, but I must say that it is a very important day for Wabash. Hundreds of students are going to be coming here to see if Wabash is good for them, and we have to see if these guys are good for Wabash (and I mean that as non-elitist as possibly). Also, clubs and other organizations have to convince these newcomers that Wabash has what they’re interested in, and even if they aren’t interested in it they should still check it out (my Space Marines recruited 50+ people for Dork Club; let’s see if they can repeat that feat).

If any prospective students or families are reading this blog (I’m sure there are a few), I just want to say welcome, and thank you for showing interest in Wabash. It is really one of the better schools out there, and it will challenge you to move beyond your preconceived notions of the world. Even if you don’t come here, I still hope that you get a chance to appreciate what does go on here and connect with a few guys, so at least you can say that you had a good time.

Also, Space Marines. We have Space Marines.

I command you to come to Honor Scholarship Weekend

I command you to come to Honor Scholarship Weekend

Wabash Track and Field

AudieThe past couple days have “warmed up” (it is 40 degrees half the time), and Wabash Track and Field has claimed yet another North Coast Athletic Conference title with a score over 200 points. Now outdoor season is starting up and it is not necessary to have to wear four layers of clothing to run outside. Which I don’t know much about since I was injured all this winter, and the past four years I’ve been on the swim team instead of running in the winter.

I’m looking forward to this Spring, and all the running, meets, shirtless weather, and whistles from Crawfordsvillians(?) it has to offer. In the Fall I was able to have a PR in my 3200 meter time during a cross country time trial (TT) by 27 seconds, and while that is not a race distance in college I can’t wait to see how I improve under Coach Busch again. Also, I want to give George Alverson ’17 a little shout out for his 2 second negative split on those repeat 400s yesterday. Boy’s a baller when he gets over shock;)

Deep Thinking

Alejandroblog83 It is a bit ironic that I have so many decisions to make this time of the year. A year ago this same time I was trying to choose what College I was going to attend. Now that I have already made that great decision I know have a decision to make that is just as life altering as choosing Wabash was. This year’s decision is whether I go Greek or not.

To help make my mind up and just think about what this decision entails if I either go Greek or not I decided to just stroll around the campus late at night. Starring down the road that leads to Center Hall I thought about what I want the rest of my experience at Wabash to be like. I will barely be a sophomore next year and that still gives me time to alter how my experience will be. Being an independent I learned a lot about the campus and I think sitting out  a year from fraternity life has allowed me to mature and make a more educated and informed decision. Walking around the mall I thought about how I want to remember my time at Wabash and how I want to be remembered.  It is a lot to take into consideration should not be any easy decision, but for those of you who have been already thinking about it, Rush all of the Fraternities.

Being independent is always an option from the moment you make Wabash an option. You will never have the option of being part of a Fraternity if you don’t put yourself out there and visit all of the houses. The more of them that you visit the more options you have to choose from and making a decision will be easier for you. If you have been told about a specific house, do not blind yourself to only rushing that house. Keep your options open and think about what your decision will entail. From experience, it is better to choose from a shirt size like, small, medium, large, or extra-large,  then only having the option of a small or extra- large. You can’t pick from what you do not know exist so keep looking around.

This Independent is Going Greek

First day back from Spring Break and Glee Club tour and boy did I need that, I didn’t actually even know I needed it that much. Had a music intervals test today and it was as easy as can be, took a long time though. I also got a message from my admissions counselor about hosting a buddy from my high school this weekend.

I remember this time last year like the back of my hand. I was on my spring break and was seriously looking forward to flying to Indy and visiting Wabash. Little did I know how much of an impact this visit would have on my decision to come to Wabash. I had my bass guitar with me for a music audition and was ready to take all of my tests for scholarships. Arriving at campus, meeting some great professors and students was the best thing that could have happened. I instantly fell in love and I could not pin point what the reason was because there were too many things that came into play. I was taken by surprise how much I fell in love. The only thing that I regret just a little now was not rushing more fraternities.

Now that it is hitting the second half of my second semester of college and the fact that Rush is this weekend, I am definitely looking forward to looking for a bid. Some may say that it was indoctrination on behalf of some fraternity members but I see it as nothing more of a statement of experiences that I either take into consideration or not. Most of the things that I consider part of myself and define who I am have become part of me due to a curiosity that ties to a mission. For example, I had a curiosity to learn a new instrument so I bought a bass and it ended up turning a profit for me in music scholarships. I applied to Wabash because it was different and had great history, and now I am here blogging about how great Wabash is. In retrospect, decisions I have made in the past always seem to help me more than harm me.

None of this is to say I did not enjoy my time as an Independent, I mean I didn’t become the Independent Men’s Association Treasure for poops and giggles. I just believe that I should make this decision now before I regret not ever making one. Being as indecisive as I am, I have made it my goal to either accept or decline a bid this Friday. If I were to hold I would probably leave it at that and ask around others to make the decision for me, which I will not turn to.

That’s enough about me, this weekend is about you. It isn’t that I am rushing this weekend that I am telling you to rush if you are visiting this weekend, but it is because I was told to rush and did not listen to many people. I was day dreaming too much about seeing myself  just at Wabash that I never though about a what a fraternity actually means. Do not let your uninformed self not think about fraternity living as an option like I did. Tour not only all the houses but talk to those who live their, actually get to know them and ask all the questions you can. If you can’t think of questions right now, you should actually start thinking of some for when you arrive on campus, it will make your visit that much more enriching.

More Travelling Woes

(This was written yesterday, so the timing might be a bit off)

I’ve noticed more things while travelling today; airports have become increasingly pale, luck can be found aboard flights, and Delta’s tray tables still suck.

After suffering from a bad case of insomnia, I woke up around 3 this morning to go back to Wabash. I got my boarding passes nice and early, listened to “Everything is Awesome!”, checked my emails and other notifications, and then was driven to the airport by my dad. After passing through security and grabbing a bite to eat at the nearby Rose’s Deli, I got on the plane to LA. Once again, it was a little plane, and my bags are very big, so they had to store it for the flight (wish they’d be more careful about it- I have some delicate things and paints in my bag).

I don’t remember a lot from the flight, mainly because I felt like catching up on my sleep instead of watching the Spanish or Portuguese guy next to me catch up on his sleep. We landed in LAX about an hour or so later, and with good fortune I was able to get my bag and get to my gate with little issue. I had to go from gate 54 to gate 57, a light stroll compared to my cross-airport trek at Minneapolis. So yeah, luck was on my side, and I spent my time waiting for the plane to load reading TvTropes and working on Kyoshi Rising, my Avatar fic.

Delta is still run by neat freaks, and our loading was delayed due in part to the plane we were flying having just arrived from Guadalajara. This is a bit more excusable than the “Oh, first class needs to be cleaned better” because you want to make sure that nothing bad or icky comes from a foreign country… and I mean things like drugs and invasive plants. I’m no racist.

Is there an –ist for plane paint, because I have noticed that airports are becoming increasingly pale. When I was younger, there used to be loads of different colors of planes, and a lot more brands to go around. Nowadays, it seems like every plane is either United, Delta or American Airlines. Northwest, TWA, and Continental are all gone, and aside from Southwest all the planes are now painted in white, if they are painted at all (and Southwest used to be this weird peach color instead of blue… well, some changes aren’t all that bad). Why? Are the airlines trying to look like each other to confuse the consumer? Is it to save speed? This is actually a thing; an unpainted P-51 fighter plane flies 15 MPH faster than one that is painted, so it makes sense that an airline would not paint their planes too much to save weight. But still, the airline industry has lost some of its uniqueness; the only reds and greens and blacks that you see on airline paint are usually on planes from other countries or are regulated to tail art only, and for someone like me that was fascinated with all the different airlines and such it’s rather disappointing.

But then, I’m nitpicking. DELTA’S TRAY TABLES SUCK!

Again, I’ve had to deal with a tray table that is too small for my laptop. The thing doesn’t pull forward so I have to deal with the idiot in front of me if/when he decides to recline, and I can’t push the screen back far enough to get the image I want without having part of my computer dangling over the edge. The small commuter I was on during the first leg of my journey got it right, but the A320 I’m writing this from? The 757 I wrote my last travel blog from?

Nope. Chuck Testa Small tray tables.

Is it like this on all of their planes larger than a commuter? International flights must be brutal for nitpickers like me. That’s it, when I go to Germany again someday I’m flying AMERICAN! I don’t know if their tray tables are any better, but right now they hold the advantage of not being Delta.

Oh well, at least I got tea, pretzels and cinnamon cookies out of the deal (the tea was black and I prefer green, but what can you do?). I shouldn’t complain and should enjoy the miracle of human aeronautics, and leave my nitpicking to rest for a little.

If I was an Airbender, I wouldn’t have this problem. I’d have a glider and a Sky Bison to fly around on, and I wouldn’t have to worry about turbulence. And Sky Bison are big, so I’d be able to type without many space issues… or guys who lean back and cause my computer to slide… or guys who take up the arm rests so you’re pressed up against the window.

Although I would have to shave my head and get tattoos, but hey, I’d be able to fly without many issues.