Thanksgiving Break

Kick back, relax, eat junk, and run. That’s what Thanksgiving Break is all about. The last two days have consisted of Netflix, some video games with my brother, and my continued running. I meant to have this blog up the other day, but sleeping in till 3 tends to make you lose track of time.

It feels so good to be able to just be lazy, have no daily homework, some runs of solitude, and to watch Netflix for hours at a time. But the best part was being able to start my break off with flu and meningitis shots! Whoop Whoop! I’ve got to spend some snuggle time with my shitzu as well! Yes, my family only owns a small dog, and we have never had anything bigger than a sheltie. For anyone who would like to donate a collie, springer spaniel, or husky please contact me immediately. The next day I got a stylish new haircut. So I will now post a selfie to show the change in cuts. Bask in it readers, bask in it. Also, in the words of one of my teammates, “Double selfie” – Sean Lewis ’15.

Now tomorrow is the annual Cass County Turkey Trot and I need to get some sleep for it. Should be a lot of cold fun, followed by a lot of napping and eating later in the day!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Gobble, gobble!