Monon Week

So, Monon Week. Well… there’s a bell…

It’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Bell Week, from what I can interpret, is probably one of the biggest spirit weeks Wabash has. It is a time where we get to show our rivals over at DePauw that we’re better than them in… well, a lot of things.

See the Bell? The Bell is important. Respect the Bell

Oh, and we have a bell; that’s important.

Besides the bell, there’s the intramural sporting events, and such things as the blood drive (I tried to go, but traveling to Mexico and Honduras last spring break is a big no-no for donating, and I was deferred for potential malaria exposure. I’d call that paranoid, but it’s kind of a big deal and they are trying to be safe… still bummed about it, though). Really, there are dozens of chances for Wabash men to get out and do something to improve both their lives and the lives of those around them. All we need to do is go out and do them (I think more people could have been at the blood drive, even if I got turned away).

Not zombies, but blood drives are important too

And tomorrow’s Wednesday, which means ZOMBIES!!!