Phi Gamma Delta Formal

It’s been a busy weekend, as I traveled to IU with some other runners from the cross country team to participate in a small race in Bloomington. But was only the start of the weekend. This weekend was the one of the annual Phi Gamma Delta Formals, and it took place at the Conrad Hotel in Indianapolis!

For those of you that don’t know how nice the Conrad is well we had a TV in our bathroom… which gave me the opportunity to watch SpongeBob while whizzing. A beautiful image for all to have (you’re welcome). A jar of fun size Snickers that cost five dollars, Pringles were ten dollars, and the shower and bath were not the same unit. Wow, fancy! Also, some of us got to stay on the eighteenth floor overlooking much of the city and the capital building.

The night consisted of a fine dinner, dancing, and passing out in the room once the formal itself was over for being so tired. Austin Jarrett, my pledge father, did a awesome job planning it all out over the past couple months! I got to be accompanied by one of my closest friends, Colleen Weatherford, who attends Butler and is from Greencastle. A classy lady and truly pure-hearted person, she was the best date I’ve ever had to a dance.The night itself was fun, the dancing was to say the least different¬†and wild, and ¬†the food was great. It was also nice that some simple college kids got to spend the evening and night at a five star hotel at the end of it all! Great weekend to be a pledge of Phi Gamma Delta!