Prospective Student’s day


We’ve got more prospective students coming in today. I know I talked about prospects earlier this year, but it’s still pretty important. All colleges live on  prospects, and since we’re kind of small it’s vital for our continued existence to draw in prospects.

And this time, I actually got a chance to meet some of the prospects.

The first encounter I had with prospects was around 10 this morning, when a few of them sat in on my History 101 class. I introduced myself, saying I was one of the freshman bloggers and I asked how their day at Wabash had been going. From my first impressions, they seemed to be enjoying themselves… although they did initially sit further back in the room when we actually got in to class. I have nothing against that; after all, Wabash has a bit of a set rhythm, and while I have faith in the intelligence of prospects I doubt that they have been studying network connections in Pre-Renaissance societies.

This isn’t even half of them

That being said, the did get involved in some of the exercises (although some of it is a bit confusing; it’s like jumping into the middle of Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s last season and being expected to understand just who’s who and how they interact with each other). And if they get involved with the classes then they get a good impression on what classes are like around here (another aspect of why I came here; Morillo is awesome).

Later, some of them came over to the house I’m staying at (yes, I’m in a house). I got a chance to talk to some pretty interesting guys, and I think they enjoyed themselves here. And they got an impression of campus life and some of the interactions of the students (whether the impression was good or bad is up to them, but it is an impression nonetheless). Personally, I think some of the upperclassmen should have connected with the prospects a bit more, but that’s just me. The upperclassmen were doing their thing, and that helps the impression given.

Although, maybe opening up would help a bit more.