Slowing Down

It’s been a slower week here at Wabash both in the classroom and outside. Certain┬ádays have been busy and other days have been slow; minus the homework that always needs to get done. But some updates on fraternity life!

This week all twenty-two pledges of the Psi Chapter at Phi Gamma Delta found out who our pledge fathers were this week! A very interesting experience to say at the least… Now, everyone is apart of a family of brothers within the chapter, and the pledge class seems closer than it has been to this point.

I ended up with my Pledge Father being the honorable Austin B. Jarrett ’15 this past week. Jarrett is a pretty cool guy to be around and knows how to be a rootin’ tootin’ Libertarian. Bang! Bang!

On a separate note Wabash Cross Country is traveling to Notre Dame today and tomorrow we head to Hanover for PreNats. If you’re in the neighborhood of either meet stop on by and support your Little Giants Redpack!