This isn’t actually a blog about sports. I’m not much of a sports guy, and if I was all the sports I find interesting and cool have a bad case of not existing.

You wish your sports were this cool

… and you wish you were as cool as Charlton Heston

What I want to say is that college is kind of like a sport… except that sport is not football or swimming but is in fact Chariot Racing.

Bit of history: chariot racing was the sport in Ancient Rome. Yeah, Gladiator Games were all good and fun, but chariot racing was where it was at. People won or lost fortunes through chariot racing. Riots started because of chariot racing. Revolutions started because of chariot racing. Chariot racing was the football of the ancient world, with thousands of people filling up the circuits (the Circus Maximus being the most famous) to see their chariot teams compete.

What does this have to do will college? Well, chariot racing was very high stakes and very dangerous; you crash, and you have a real good chance at becoming roadkill. Likewise, college is very high stakes; you screw up once, like turn in a paper late or bomb a test, and you have a really hard time trying to catch up and not fail. I’m probably overemphasizing the stakes of college, but you can’t just wuss out and expect everything to work out in the end (this isn’t high school, after all). You need to stay focused and not get distracted by everything going on around you, or you’ll cut that corner and start making the walls go faster (40K joke; comment if you want that explained).

Remember what I said about focus last time? Yeah, keep doing that.


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