First Weekend Home

I had not been back at my own home in Logansport since August 19th, and it felt good to finally take a break and head home for the first time in over a month. Don’t get me wrong, Wabash is a great place, and I love every minute of it, but sometimes you just need a break and to sleep in your own bed.

This weekend I planned on only going home, sleeping, enjoying time with my family, and that was it… that did not happen. Instead, because I have no car here at college, my mother and younger brother drove all the way to Crawfordsville, had BDubs with me, and we all drove the almost two hour ride back home. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t beyond happy to see our dog greet me at the door, not knowing where I had been for over a month. My dad was already asleep at the late hour so I briefly announced I was home, and then set to devouring all food that was in the refrigerator. Boy’s gotta eat. Of course, gorged by my feasting, I was naturally tired and proceeded to head up to my bedroom for a much needed reuniting with Mr. Pillow and Mr. Blanket. However, I was instead met by a clean room, with no clutter, lack of mess, and a visible floor. I mean, it has only been a month, next my parents will have turned the room into a man cave.

Instead of sleeping in I decided to drive the forty-five minutes north to Culver Military Academy that Saturday morning for the annual Culver Cross Country Invitational. I planned to see my alma mater race, talk to friends from other schools still in high school, and hangout with my two Wabash teammates Ryan Horner and Mason McKinney.  So for the next 3-4 hours, the three of us spent our morning running back and forth during the race cheering on for those we knew and those possible prospects. It was a hot day for the conditions the Culver Invite is usually known for, and it was still a good race for all those involved. Shout out to all those who participated at the meet Saturday!

After, the three of us drove back to Logansport and partook and the deliciousness that is the homemade ice cream of Logansport’s Charbett’s. BUT the best part of the day was when I came home to find my older sister visiting with my niece and nephew. The rest of the night involved and influx of grandparents from both sides, siblings, three cousins, and aunt, and eventually our neighbors for a spontaneous bonfire and s’mores. A great night spent seeing family I dearly missed over the past several weeks. Tip: Those of you thinking about going to college at Wabash or anywhere else (why?), remember to talk to your family while you are here. People besides your mother and father miss you. If you have a brother, then they probably won’t care. Mine just sat and played Xbox while I was home;)

My first weekend home was great! Quite the need break from studies, however I did leave at 5AM on Sunday to make the 7:30AM long run practice on time. But the early rise was well worth the trip took to DePauw for our run at their quarry. Quite a beautiful place, even if it is part of THAT school down south.

Also, shout out to my grandfather as he turns, in his words, “Too old to even count anymore. HA HA HA HA HA.” He thinks he is quite the comedian.