Hey Wabash!

Being my first blog ever I want to put forth a few things about myself prior to coming to Wabash. I hail from my Alma Mater of Logansport High School, in Logansport, Indiana. At my high school I ran varsity cross country for four years, and did swimming and track as well for four years. I took French in high school, AP World and European History, as well as AP Literature and Composition English. This past February I finished my Eagle Project and was award the rank of Eagle Scout shortly after.

Kaufman ’17

Now time to talk about Wabash and how I first ended up here. My swim coach in high school is a Wabash alumni, my neighbor and close family friend was also a Wabash alumni, and well, Wabash had been nothing more than a back thought to me early on because of those two men. Originally I wanted to attend Holy Cross, at Notre Dame or Indiana University Bloomington was I was going through high school. Then, the summer leading into my junior year I had two opportunities that shaped my ideas on where I may have wanted to go to college. First, I was elected as a delegate for my school and American Legion post to attend Hoosier Boys State at Trine University.  Second, I was chosen to attend the Coast Guard Academy’s summer AIM Program, which was a total living hell. But, like some other people I know, my first visit to Wabash College came as a result of a call from Kevin Andrews ’10 to come to the campus to accept a scholarship as a result of attending Hoosier Boys State. Honestly, who just ignores free money? That involved a walk around campus, a walk on stage, and a brief history of the campus, buildings, and traditions.

Naturally, once I expressed interest in Wabash, Kevin Andrews, working for Admissions in my area, as a previous president and brother of FIJI began to influence my thoughts towards that fraternity. As well as my second cousin Rick, whom was a year ahead of me and FIJI pledge at the time. So when I came on a visit day in the fall and for Honor Scholar Weekend I was, of course, housed at FIJI. A number of the guys in the house ran cross country, more were very welcoming, and the house seemed to be a great place to fit in. That’s how I decided to go Greek at FIJI.

Now, I have gone through my first four days of college classes, have started my third week of running cross country for the college, and pledgeship has still yet to officially start at FIJI. I plan on becoming a Bio major, and then going on to podiatry school after my four years at Wabash. But don’t confuse me with your common foot doctor, I want to be involved with large shoe companies like New Balance, Saucony, Altra, etc. One thing I can tell you after only two weeks here is that time management is key to success. Classes, cross country, Chapel Sing practice, and general studying all consume more time than any high schooler can ever understand.

Just remember, Wabash from day one is about work ethic, determination, and learning how to be a Wabash Man. So it’s time to get to work.