Dear Old Wabash

It’s my first complete week of Wabash and I cannot stress the importance of time management. The amount of free time is extensive and as much as I would love to play Cut Throat all day after class, there is always homework and reading to fill the free time. I understand the importance in every reading assignment I am given, including the extremely descriptive Native American Accoma scalp rituals, and I am thankful for the friends that feel the same way. The greatest benefit of small classes and small campus is that the same guys I have a bunch of my classes with are the same guys in my dorm and my Chapel Sing brothers.

Let me take a bit to explain what Chapel Sing is and why I have not been able to sing in falsetto in Glee Club anymore. Chapel Sing is one of the many homecoming


Photo Provided by Rudy Altergott


traditions/competitions at Wabash between the freshman fraternity pledges and independents. Basically you line up and bellow out “Old Wabash” (the Wabash fight song) and repeat it for about 45 minutes and the Sphinx Club members (The Keepers of Wabash Tradition) will scream in your ears and sing other songs to mess you up. If you mess up you are sent inside the Chapel where you are asked to sing it again, if you mess up then you get a red “W” spray painted on your white shirt and you are sent back outside where everyone will see the scarlet “W.”

In the history of Wabash, independents have never won Chapel Sing, but the current Independent Chapel Sing brothers and I have been practicing ferociously. Never the less as I write this blog I have listened to “Old Wabash” well over 15 times. The amount of time we have put into Chapel Sing practice, Class of 2017 Independents will win Chapel Sing for past, present and future independent freshman.

Thanks for dropping and I hope we can all agree that the “greatest joy will [always] be to shout the chorus” of our beloved Fight Song, “Old Wabash”