Kadel ’22: Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to work as a summer intern at the Crawfordsville Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. As an intern here at the Chamber I have been put in charge of a few different projects that I worked to complete over the course of about 8 weeks this summer. The first of my projects was to do some research on how to utilize Google Analytics for our website/business. This sent me down the rabbit hole that is Google analytics. There is so much to learn and utilize. At first glance Google Analytics seems like too much to comprehend. To the untrained eye all these new terms can be very intimidating. From managing different properties to assigning tags to track ad campaigns, what does it all mean and how does it apply to me and my business? But I was given a task to learn the software and to share what I have learned to others. So, I put my best foot forward and began my journey learning about Google Analytics in hopes of becoming proficient in the software and maybe teaching someone else in the process. Throughout this project I implemented the Google Analytics system into our website and eventually made resources for Chamber Members to utilize in their journey with Google Analytics. During this project I learned how to manage and track marketing plans with Google Analytics to ultimately cause greater traction to our website.  

 The other project I took was to do some research on a preexisting program and then eventually make the program better by introducing a new more modern version. The program I was tasked to research was the Chamber Buck$ program. This is essentially a gift certificate program designed to keep money in Montgomery County to support our local business.  My goal for this program was to change the out of date paper gift certificates to a plastic, Visa powered gift card. This would make the job of both the Chamber and the Merchant easier and more streamlined. In the coming weeks after I finish my internship the Chamber should be up and running with a new system utilizing these Visa gift cards and doing away with old certificates. Through this experience I learned that not everything is as simple as it seems and implementing a new program introduces many challenges that many never could have foreseen.  

All in all, my experience working as a summer intern at the Crawfordsville Montgomery County Chamber Of Commerce taught me a lot about the importance of shopping local and tested my leadership, communication, and responsibility skills. I really enjoyed my time here at the Chamber and appreciate the lessons that will carry with me to upcoming opportunities.