This summer, I served as an Allen Center Operations Intern. I was not sure if I was going to work this summer because I wanted to spend my time studying for the LSAT. Fortunately, I realized that this position would allow me to sit at a desk and be on my computer for part of the time. Thus, I was able to find a way to get paid to study!

Of course, this job did not consist completely of sitting around with nothing to do. The daily tasks included unlocking the Allen Center in the morning, locking up at night, and keeping a general level of cleanliness and organization within the fitness center. Additionally, there were weekly responsibilities that varied from week to week such as taking down windscreens (and cruising in the gator to do so), managing the locker rooms, and becoming an expert in the Master Lock system. This was beneficial to me because I have at least some interest in potentially working in athletics someday, so it was good to get a hands-on experience in some of the behind the scenes action.

This summer has also benefitted me personally. Before now, I had never lived without a mom or a fraternity chef to do the primary cooking. It was necessary (but also quite fun) to learn how to cook for myself. I have done everything now: eggs, burgers, chicken, pasta, fish, and tacos. It turns out that cooking is not so hard!

I would advise fellow students to consider not only the Allen Center Operations position, but any on campus summer internship. There is a very different heartbeat of campus during the summer that was nice to experience, and it was fun to be able to hang out with a group of guys who were also here this summer. Thanks to Brett Driscoll, Arvid Ullah, and Julian Velazquez who were my co-interns this summer. Working with you three was a treat. Thank you as well to Clark Tinder, our supervisor, he made things very easy for us