Rector ’21: Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

This summer I have been interning at the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. Most of my work has been on promoting the chamber and its members through video interviews. Each week I have been able to meet with business owners from all different areas of our community. From Brad Monts of Hoosier Heartland Bank to Diana McCormick of Athens Art, our member database covers all aspect of business here in Montgomery County. Most of the interviews revolved around me asking questions such as: “Why is the chamber important to your business?” or “What reasons would you give a business (large or small) to join the chamber?” Through these interviews I have made numerous connections outside of the office and met many great members who have the community’s best interest in mind. The final product will be a “promotional” video highlighting the locally owned business here in Montgomery County. When I began the internship in June, the Crawfordsville Chamber of Commerce website had no video footage and many of the pictures were stills taken from a few years ago. My boss Cassie and I have been working to try and figure out how we can bring “new life” to the site to draw more people’s attention, not only to our webpage, but to Montgomery County as a whole. We want to show off our great community to people who may not know anything about us or give more information to those who wish to learn more about the community. While most of my work has been on this one video, we have been talking about other uses of video on the site that may land me a job here during the fall semester as I continue to brighten up our page with the use of visual work. I have also made a few user guides for members of our chamber such as: “Wireless Screen Sharing Guide” for the Fusion 54 building as well as a “Google Analytics Startup Guide” for members who requested a Google Analytics walkthrough, both guides are free for any of our members to use and we hope it helps them as they continue to grow and develop their businesses. Thwork I have been doing has allowed me to further my knowledge of video filming and editing, which I intend on being my career path later down the road. At the end of the summer, the video will be completed, and we hope that it will showcase everything we at the chamber, as well as the community as a whole, have to offer to anyone who wants to learn about/visit Montgomery County.