I am working as an intern for the San Diego Sockers. The Sockers are a professional indoor soccer team located in San Diego, California. I was able to acquire this internship through connections to a Wabash Alum.  Due to COVID-19, I was not able to work out of the Sockers office in California. Instead, I am completing my internship virtually. I am tasked with completing projects that I am sent throughout the week.  

The projects range from creating excel databases to creating an organizational response to COVID-19.  In the first couple of weeks, my tasks were focused more on documentation. For example, one of the first projects I completed was an excel database of current and past players for the Sockers organization.  In the next couple of weeks, I completed similar projects in Excel.  

After a couple of weeks of completing Excel projects, I moved on to more significant projects. I started with a project researching golf tournaments that the organization could participate in. Working on the golf tournament exposed me to how much disruption COVID-19 has caused. Much of the work I did for the golf tournament is dependent on how California handles the virus. Although golf is a non-contact sport, every single golf tournament had been canceled or postponed in the San Diego area.  

A lot of what I have learned at Wabash has allowed me to find success in this internship. One of the most prominent traits Wabash has given me is the ability to adapt to every situation. One of the most challenging aspects of this internship has been learning to navigate during a pandemic. I have learned the importance of holding yourself accountable for the work I am completing. Not only am I representing myself through the work I complete, but also Wabash. This understanding has pushed me to do my best work on every project I have been tasked with completing.