Carson Powell ’17 discusses his research with his mentor, Dr. Gunther, at the 2017 Celebration of Student Research

At the 18th annual Celebration of Student Research, Scholarship and Creativity, (Friday, January 27th, from 1-4pm in Detchon International Hall), senior Psychology majors Nigel Dao ’18, Tung Bui ’18, AJ Belden ’18 and T.J. Kilbourne ’18 will present the results of their research, from summer internships and class projects. Several other psychology students will be presenting work conducted for class projects or independent study, and from across the college, we will also see presentations from several students working in Biology (sponsored by Drs. Heidi Walsh and Brad Carlson) on topics ranging from hypothalamic neurons to turtle temperament, all of which should be of great interest to students studying psychology and/or neuroscience!

Below, we’ve tried to gather a list of the presentations that are most relevant to Psychology students and students interested in Neuroscience, but we would encourage you to try to see a bit of everything at the Celebration! If you happen to be on campus, we hope to see you at the Celebration this year, and we are very impressed with the wide range of work that our students have done over the last year!

Posters – 1-2:30PM – Detchon International Hall
#5 AJ Belden Box Turtle Boldness: Responses to Simulated Predator vs. Confinement Assays
#9 Tung Bui Would Attributions Help to Alleviate the Envious Emotion?
#15 Nigel Dao Estrogen Influences Astrocyte Density in Forebrain Circumventricular Organs
of Ovariectomized Rats Following Polyethylene Glycol-induced Hypovolemia
#29 Warren Moseman & Alec Bertsch Transcription Factor C-fos Mediates Repression of GnRH Expression Induced by ER Stress
Posters – 2:30-4PM – Detchon International Hall
#2 Nigel Dao, T.J. Kilbourne, & Zane White Exploring the Moral Foundations of Immoral Personality Traits
#6 Zachary Patton Investigating a Relationship Between Maturity and Responsibility
#8 Joe Pich GPS Tracking of Box Turtles using Arduino Circuits
#16 William Robinson American Toad Urination as a Predator Diversion Behavior


2:40PM Detchon 112 Christopher Wilson Palmitic Acid Induces ER Stress in Hypothalamic Neurons: Implications for
Obesity and Infertility