Nigel Dao ’18 presenting at the 2016 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in San Diego

At the 17th annual Celebration of Student Research, Scholarship and Creativity, (Friday, January 27th, from 1-4pm in Detchon International Hall), Psychology major Nigel Dao ’18 and minor Carson Powell ’17 will present the results of their summer research projects with Drs. Schmitzer-Torbert and Gunther, respectively. Students from Psychology 202 (Christopher Wilson, Tung Bui, Zack Havlin, Neil Dittman, Luke Rowles and Kaleb Hobgood) will present on the results of their research on the relationship between trait mindfulness and mental health, false memory and creative problem solving. From across the college, we will also see presentations from several students from Biology, Chemistry and Theater on topics ranging from hypothalamic neurons to turtle temperament, all of which should be of great interest to students studying psychology and/or neuroscience!

Below, we’ve tried to gather a list of the presentations that are most relevant to Psychology students and students interested in Neuroscience, but we would encourage you to try to see a bit of everything at the Celebration! If you happen to be on campus, we hope to see you at the Celebration this year, and we are very impressed with the wide range of work that our students have done over the last year!

Posters – 1-2:30PM – Detchon International Hall
#25 Carson Powell Full-field vs. Grating Stimuli to Reveal Non-Cardinal Colors
#27 William Robinson Coloration and Box Turtle Boldness
#31 Christopher Wilson Mindfulness and Cognitive Skills: How Facets of Mindfulness Relate to Insight Problem Solving and other Cognitive Abilities
Posters – 2:30-4PM – Detchon International Hall
#2 Tung Bui, Kaleb Hobgood & Neil Dittmann The Relationship between Trait Mindfulness, Specific Cognitive Skills and Health Outcomes: Mediation by Decentering
#6 Nigel Dao Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program and the use of Hippocampal-Dependent Spatial Navigation
#14 Zack Havlin & Luke Rowles Trait Mindfulness and Cognition: Relationship to False Memory
#26 Andrew Puente The Effect of Polyunsaturation on Transmembrane Protein Interactions


1:30PM Detchon 112 Bilal Jawed Representations of Mental Illness in the Works of Horacio Quiroga
1:30PM Detchon 209 Zachery Anderson Analyzing the Relationship between Theater and Autism Spectrum Disorder
2:10PM Detchon 111 Noah Levi Understanding the Link between Obesity and Infertility: Palmitic Acid as an Inducer of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Hypothalamic Neurons
3:00PM Detchon 111 Free Kashon Ecological Correlates of Variation in Boldness in a Box Turtle Population