At the 16th annual Celebration of Student Research, Scholarship and Creativity, (Friday, January 29th, from 1-4pm in Detchon International Hall), Psychology minor Adam Rains ’17 will present the results of his summer research internship with Dr. Schmitzer-Torbert on the relationship between mindfulness and how people navigate new environments. From across the college, we will also see presentations from several students from Biology, Political Science and Education Studies on topics ranging from hypothalamic neurons to turtle temperament, all of which should be of great interest to students studying psychology and/or neuroscience!

[Edit: Also, we forgot to mention that Psychology senior Max Gallivan ’16 presented on his work with Dr. Wysocki in Chemistry, on testing novel fluorophores as palladium sensors!]

Below, we’ve tried to gather a list of the presentations that are most relevant to Psychology students, but we would encourage you to try to see a bit of everything at the Celebration! If you happen to be on campus, we hope to see you at the Celebration this year, and we are very impressed with the wide range of work that our students have done over the last year!

Posters – 1-2:30PM – Detchon International Hall
#25 Adam Rains Trait Mindfulness is not associated with the Greater use of Hippocampally-Dependent Navigation Strategies
#5 Brady Boles Home Range Size and Injury Patterns as a Result of Eastern Box Turtle Temperament
#7 Zachery Campbell Regulation of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Production by Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Kisspeptin: Implications for Obesity and Infertility
#19 Noah Levi Understanding the Link between Fertility-Related Gene Expression and Obesity through the Unfolded Protein Response
#19 Jared Santana The Role of JNK Signaling in ER Stress-Induced Inflammation in Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Neurons


Posters – 2:30-4PM – Detchon International Hall
#14 Max Gallivan & Chris Shrack Testing Novel Phenolic Fluorophores as Palladium Sensors at Different Concentrations
#4 Joshua Bleisch Implicit Biases: The Effects of Race, Age, Gender, and Education on Senate Confirmation Times of Federal Judges


2:10PM Detchon 220 Bilal Jawed Sertraline, Sickness, and Stigma: Conducting a Clinical Drug Trial in Uganda
2:40PM Detchon 220 Graham Redweik Protein Kinase C Mediates Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Induced Gene Expression in Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Neurons
3:00PM Detchon 112 Beau Green & Derek Fox How Biological Differences Contribute to Classroom Behavior: The “Achievement Gap”
3:00PM Detchon 220 Travis Flock Elevated Circulating Octopamine Increases Anti-Predator Aggression in Bark Scorpions