Each year, the faculty in the Psychology department spend a considerable amount of time working on research projects, most of which are done in collaboration with students.

Stephen Prunier ’09 was the keynote speaker at the Psychology Research Celebration in April 2013

Through independent studies, Senior Capstone projects and summer internships, all of our psychology majors have an opportunity to conduct research in psychology, and many of those projects are presented at regional or national psychology/neuroscience conferences.  And, some of these projects will go on to be published in research journals.

Looking back at 2013, we had four research articles authored by faculty in the Psychology department c0me out in print.  Two of these articles had student co-authors (Stephen Prunier ’09 and Tanner Tritch ’10), who designed and conducted the research project as part of their Senior Capstone research. Links to the abstract for each article are given below, if you would like to read more about their research projects.

Bost, P.R., & Prunier, S.G. (2013). Rationality in conspiracy beliefs: The role of perceived motive. Psychological Reports: Sociocultural Issues in Psychology, 113, 1130-1140.

Montoya, R. M. & Horton, R. S. (2013). A meta-analytic investigation of the processes underlying the similarity-attraction effect. Journal of Social and Personality Relationships, 30, 64-94.

Horton, R. S., & Tritch, T. (2013) Clarifying the links between parenting and narcissism. Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied.

Rush, R. A., & Clark, S. E. (2013) The Social Contagion of Correct and Incorrect Information in Memory. Memory.