The Arts at the Liberal Arts

image What an opening night for the cast of Stage Lights! Without exaggerating I am definitely going back Friday and Saturday night to watch it again. If you know anything about Charlie Chaplin’s character of the Tramp you know he is all about shenanigans and accidental humor. Patrick definitely brings to life the charming and captivating tramp that Charlie Chaplin created.

I was probably more excited then anyone I know about this play. Being the huge silent film and Charlie Chaplin fan that I am, I was not let done by this play. I am very excited for all those who participated in the play because they look like they had lots of fun.

I find it quite amusing that you will see a guy who is in your advisory be on stage and play a giant gorilla. It might be the fact that it is a small school but I do not think it is possible at large schools to be part of a production or an ensemble unless you are majoring in a fine art. That’s what makes Wabash great. You might even be a Spanish History double major and be part of one of the theatre productions or be on the football team and the Glee Club. Yeah maybe Wabash does not have as much as bigger schools to offer, but what we do have you can be part of no matter what you are majoring in. Small school means there is room to get around and try a bit of everything. I have never acted before and I am more than excited for my intro to acting class next semester and I am a Music Spanish double major. You can do a lot at Wabash no and it won’t really matter what your interest is.

Specializaton vs. Flexibility

RobertSpecialization is both a positive and a negative attribute to have. On one hand you’re really good at something, and thus you are able to get the most out of performing that task, service, what have you. On the other hand, if you’re too specialized then that’s all you can do, and if someone asks you to perform some other task that doesn’t fit in with your skills, well then you’re in a bit of trouble.

I think my thoughts about specialization today came from a Youtube ad, of all things. I was watching something and an ad came up for people who had been hit by semi trucks, of all things, telling them where they could get an attorney to sue the company of those trucks. Issues of when and when not to sue aside, it seems rather odd that they would have a law firm that specializes in semi truck accidents only and… well, not much else. Sure, an argument can be made that there are claims and avenues that might not be seen by any other attorney, but you think that the law schools that these men and women attended might do some basic training in these various specifications so that if a specialist can’t be found, a person still has someone that can defend them.

Then that got me thinking; if someone does all their studying for a specific field, what then? What if there are not many jobs in that particular field when they leave college, or what if the job they’re applying for asks for a skill that they don’t have? I’m sure this problem is nowhere as widespread as I think it is, but still, it could happen, and if it does then all the skills and what have you that the person has developed suddenly aren’t that useful anymore.

Wabash prevents that from happening by teaching you a variety of skills that can be applied across multiple job sectors. The multiple courses can and are often tied in with one another, and can help greatly when dealing with different topics (knowledge of history and good writing are said to be very useful in business). I try to keep my skills and interests varied so that I never get bored, and if and when the time calls for it I can better react to a situation presented to me. Flexibility is a very good thing, and the flexible people like those here are Wabash will be the ones to get ahead of the pure specialists.

So my advice to any incoming Freshmen that happen to read this (there must be at least one out there), take a variety of courses. Mix things up, develop some new skills that you might need in the future. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your “calling” in something you didn’t even know you liked.

Two To Go and First Birthday away from Home


I can barely wrap my head around the idea that there is only two weeks of freshman year classes left. Not really an “idea” but the truth. What I also find hard to believe is spending my 19th birthday away from my parents and brothers.

This will be my first birthday not at home with my mom and dad. It is not easy being away from home and though no one can replace a mother and father’s love, the friends I have made at Wabash make it a bit easier to deal with such things. At Wabash we are one team and we are one family. We stand next to each other trough thick and thin. It is true that you will make your best friends in college, at Wabash you make more than friends. The fact that there are no girls in classes helps form stronger bonds with your Wabash brothers. It is not easy to explain how these bonds are formed or strong they really are, but they are there and definitely tenacious.

This social aspect is definitely the green light and deciding factor of why I am coming back for another year. Going to college and graduating with a diploma means nothing if you did not enjoy the stay and ride to get there. Wabash is definitely a choice I would make over and over again. Coming back to Wabash for next year is just as important if not more important. Go to Wabash, you will not forget it.

Adventures and Mass

AudieOn Holy Thursday myself and several other Catholics decided to go to Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Indianapolis to partake in the Latin Mass. Afterwards, I proceed to go spend the night at Butler University with some friends (a Wabash student going out on a school night?!), and then get back to classes the next morning (FREAKING 4AM). Now as I write this blog I am stranded at Butler… That’s right, stranded. It’s Easter Weekend, I have to be down the road in Westfield with my family later, and I decided to just surprise some friends by dropping by Butler. However, being the man I am, filled with such vast knowledge, masculinity, maturity, and planning skills…I forgot that everyone went home for Easter. So after some strangers let me crash at their dorm last night, I am now approaching four hours of sitting outside with all my Easter clothes, doing homework, and occasionally getting a short hello from an acquaintance. I’m hungry, cold, warm, broke, and I don’t want to call my mom for help. Okay, all of that is false except for the broke, hungry, and I don’t want to call my mom part.

I’m now going to try and use that legendary Wabash Man charm and get someone to buy me some Starbucks. Wish me luck, readers.

WAGOATAPTO (Wabash Always Goes on Adventures That Are Poorly Thought Out)

A Day in the Life of Me

RobertI have talked about many things during my time here at Wabash. I’ve talked about campus politics, Dork Club, sporting events, plays, and other things like that, but I don’t think I’ve ever really gone in depth about what my classes are like. Admittedly, I did get wrapped up in all the events and my own ramblings, but the other day I was thinking “Well, I want to show off what’s great about wabash, so why don’t I photograph my day from morning until 3:00?”

So, that’s what I did. Enjoy.

My day began with waking up at 8:00 in order to get ready for Latin class. I do not claim to be a morning person, and I did have a picture of me after I had woken up, but I doubt many of you would want to see a picture of me having just woken up. Anyway, after a quick shower and getting dressed, I gathered my things, made my way downstairs and made myself some tea.

Personally I prefer green, but English Breakfast Tea is a nice pick me up

Personally I prefer green, but English Breakfast Tea is a nice pick me up

I’d call myself reliant on caffeine, but that might be exaggerating a bit. Most of the time I am able to get a good night’s sleep, but every now and then I need just a little kick to get through the day. Enter tea; tea is sweeter and easier to prepare than coffee, so for a guy on the go it’s handy for just that extra push. Also, I think it probably constitutes as Heresy for me to drink coffee out of a Doctor Who mug.

Anyway, after preparing my tea I made my way to Latin Class. Latin is much like any other language class, except you don’t have to speak it as much, you get to trade a lot of dirty Latin jokes. Not that that’s the only selling point; you get to study a language that would not be offered regularly, and thus you are exposed to a plethora of different options once it comes time to choose new courses (Classics being a big example).

Professor Hartnett teaches us Latin (not shown: Eurovision)

Professor Hartnett teaches us Latin (not shown: Eurovision)

Next on my list of classes to go to was History. I like history. I’ve liked history since I was in elementary school, and Wabash has a good history course. We’ve been talking about network connections in the modern age, and all the ups and downs and misinterpretations that come along with that (read: a lot). You’re not going over the same facts over and over again; you are seeing how older philosophies still have an impact, and developing a view on how the world functions with all the networks and hierarchies competing with one another. Also, Morillo is funny, and I do feel engaged in the conversation as it goes along.

History 102 with Morillo. Discussion on world networks can get weird

History 102 with Morillo. Discussion on world networks can get weird

Before I go further, this was the weather today:

The scene from my walk to EQ. It is very pretty

The scene from my walk to EQ. It is very pretty

Anyway, the first half of the day ended with Enduring Questions, which you may remember from my blog post yesterday. It’s kind of like a philosophy class, but not really because it’s called “Enduring Questions”… and that’s a really lame justification. Today we talked about whether or not Tim O’Brian was “cowardly” for not standing against the Vietnam Draft, which he opposed, or at the very least running to Canada when he is drafted. Personally I think no, it wasn’t cowardly in the sense that Gandhi wasn’t a coward when he did his passive protests of English rule. I like that class because it gets me thinking about things, and you should think about things to otherwise you’re just going to be some corporate yes man for the rest of your life… or go into politics, which is probably not that great either.

I get to sit at a big table. Fear the big table

I get to sit at a big table. Fear and respect the big table

After that I went back to the house to have lunch. It’s not high class dining, but it’s better than Sparks Center. After that I had two hours to relax, catch up on my emails (which I recommend for incoming students: always check your emails as often as you can), and get ready for Poly-Sci. Political Science (at least the class I’m taking) is a bit more lecture heavy than some of the other classes I’m in, which are more discussion based. Not to say that’s a bad thing; everyone teaches differently, and some courses require different styles. Anyway, this particular course is on American government, all the judicial and legislative know how and political mongering, but in a somewhat good way because the U.S. really isn’t that bad, all things considered. It gives you a bit of perspective on the world, and if you don’t want to be some generic yes man then perspective is very valuable.

Discussion on Political Parties. Fear the Party... seriously, do. They're nuts

Discussion on Political Parties. Fear the Party… seriously, do. They’re nuts

We got let out of Poly-Sci early today, so I came back and started work on this blog. It’s a weekend, so we don’t have regular meal service here at the fraternity, but I’m good at improvising when it comes to food.

That’s an average day for me here at Wabash. Wake up, go to class, write. Things will change next semester, no doubt about that, but that’s what my Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays are like… Honestly, I can’t complain. I get to go to a great school and learn stuff, what’s not to love?