Looking back and these next three weeks

Alejandroblog83It is that time of the semester where assignments are stacked higher than the B.S. coming out of a Mexican politicians mouth. That is a lot by the way.

I am not here just to moan about all that I have to do because even though it may be a lot, not any of my papers that I have due are uninteresting or boring. One of my papers for my Public Policy class is about obesity amongst the youth and how policies created by the FDA could push the youth to make better dietary choices. As much of a research paper that it may sound like, I get to tie it to economics and paternalistic policies. Basically it is a topic I am highly interested in that I got to pick and because of that, the paper is basically writings itself. (I Wish)

This semester I lucked out on having too many written finals because I only have to take one for my music class. The rest of my finals are papers on topics of my choosing. But even thought I only have that one final, it does not mean I wont be studying hard for it. I am sure I will be in the library like I was last semester working hard. Maybe not as hard I was in this picture. I am in three different spots if you didn’t notice. Going to be a stretch these last three weeks but there is no where else I would rather be for college. I have made bunch of great friends here and the culture and feeling of Wabash can not be matched anywhere else. No mistakes made in choosing Wabash. Got to get back to writing papers. Check back in tomorrow.