Spring Break slump

I’ve begun to notice that there tends to be a slump during the last few days of finals or midterms. I should expect this, as we the students no longer have to suffer under the pressures of a lot of assignments and tests that need to be done by the end of the week (as far as I know, I don’t exactly have any finals tomorrow… guess I’ll just have to wait and see). And I also imagine that quite a few of us are getting ready to go home for spring break and meet up with our other friends and family. As I have said numerous times before, breaks are a good thing; they allow us opportunities to unwind and relax from the stresses of Wabash, especially the stresses of finals and midterms.

I will admit, I have been a bit stressed lately. I did not get into the play I talked about in my last blog post, and the general stress of tests and assignments has worn me down a bit. I’m surviving primarily on tea, snack food, Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfiction and sheer willpower right now. I would like nothing better than to get some sleep, but since I have the upper level of a bunk bed that’s not really the best option right now. I need some time to unwind and relax, and going home for a week will do just that, and then I can come back to Wabash refreshed and ready to finish off the school year.

I think maybe a nice slice of pizza and some tea would be really good right now… I can get the tea, but I’ll have to wait until Saturday or possibly Monday before I can get pizza… maybe, I might be overthinking things again, as I am wont to do.

Anyway, breaks are still awesome, although I am feeling a bit burned out. I’ll stay in touch with you guys over break.

Weather and plays

So, the snow’s back. Not a whole lot, but it’s there.

I admit, sometimes I get picky about the weather. I know I shouldn’t, since I come from Oregon and it rains a whole lot there, but sometimes sudden changes get… annoying. Most of the blizzard snow was already melted, the sun was up and the cute fuzzy animals were out and about, and then we get more snow and slush to worry about. No yay. Spastic weather gets on my nerves, like you’re waiting for something and it immediately changes and you’re just like “Aw, come on!!! :(”. I like things to be straightforward; if you say something is supposed to happen, I accept that it will happen, but if you change it on me at the last instant I am not going to be too happy. The weather just doesn’t seem to understand that… meh, I probably shouldn’t complain; it isn’t snowing right now, and most of it is melting away.

Just wish it would stay away.

In other news, we’ve got one last play coming up for this season. It’s based off of the movies of Charlie Chaplin, which means that aside from live music and whatever sounds the actors make there will be no dialogue. At all. The Little Tramp never spoke, so why should we who will be emulating him? I think this is a further example of how great Wabash is; we push the limits of what we do, and we are not afraid to try new, exciting things. I for one am really looking forward to this play, whether I get in or not, because I know that with the skill and passion that our directors and actors have that it will be an amazing performance. And a play with no dialogue? That sounds pretty cool, and I’m sure it will be fun.

Congrats to Wabash Wrestling

Wabash hosted the 2014 NCAA Midwest Wrestling Regionals today and I got to volunteer. Good thing I did because Wabash kicked some a$&!! Seriously, Junior Connor Lefever pinned his opponent within 7 seconds into the match and secured his spot for nationals along with his brothers Junior Reece Lefever and freshman Riley Lefever.. Senior Josh Sampson also got a pin and is going to nationals with Senior Austin O’Neal and Junior Tommy Poytner. Great day as a whole for Wabash. Baseball team won both games today, tennis fell short but Wabash Always Fights! Congrats to all Wabash Athletes.

It felt great seeing our guys perform as great as they did and even greater that they had so much family and friends there to share it with them. I never competed in a sport in high school so I can only imagine how amazing it feels to make it to the NCAA Nationals. So much hard work, time, effort, and sacrifice on not only the athlete’s part but his immediate family such as his parents.

No one I know back home wrestled, nor have I gone to an NCAA wrestling regionals match. But one of my brother’s did weight lift in college and I remember going to his USA Powerlifting competitions as a ten year old and looking up to all the college students. I was filled with a bit of pride being that college student with an all access NCAA lanyard hoping that those ten year old kids were looking up to me. That is a stretch but oh well felt great helping out and supporting the team.

Have a great rest of your weekend!