Mr. Worf, I’m still awesome.

RobertRemember my first blog post concerning Dork Club? Well, I still think Picard is awesome.

Today (we rescheduled from Wednesday) Professor Porter brought in his big Deep Space 9 model for the Star Trek game. It’s big, it’s pretty… and everyone want to take control of it. so we split off into two teams, and once again I got control of the Enterprise commanded by Captain Picard. We placed our ships in their corners and got ready to fight.

And fight we did. With the Space Station representing a neutral, yet somewhat hostile, objective, our goal was to get redshirts and mooks onboard to take over the weapons and such. I stayed near the edge at first due to getting blasted by DS 9’s defenses, but the various Klingon, Romulan and Dominion ships in the group had no such qualms. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t helpful; in fact, after kind of shooting up one of the other side, I convinced him (with help from Sulu) to join our side. Yay for diplomacy.

This is DS 9. For size comparison, note the hand and the Klingon Warbird in the back

This is DS 9. For size comparison, note the hand and the Klingon Warbird in the back

On the other end of the map was an all out brawl for the Station. It was mainly Klingons vs. Worf, Sisko and someone else I didn’t know, and that resulted in Mutually Assured Destruction. However, the Station itself got shut down due to boarding teams from both teams contesting the Station, although my team had more guys onboard so we had an advantage there. Ships were shot down, although the tide began to turn when Sulu’s ship Trans-Warped across the map (watch this for added effect One of the other ships I can’t remember (I think it was Dominion) turned around to try and shoot down the Romulans (who were neutral until they got shot by DS 9, so they joined my side), but this brought them in range of the Enterprise. Needless to say, that did not end well for the Dominion (or whoever it was), and they were reduced to fine dust. By then most of the other team had been shot down, and their men on the station were outnumbered almost two to one, so it was declared a win for our team.

I decided to head back to the house after that game, but I had fun, and that’s what matters. I have spoken at length on how awesome Dork Club is, and how it helps me unwind after a stressful week, and today was no exception. I got a chance to relax, play a couple of games with other like minded people, and just have fun in general. But again, I’ve spoken about Dork Club’s awesomeness before, so I’ll just say that it is awesome and leave it at that.