Belated updates

RobertIt’s been almost five days since I’ve made a blog post. I apologize; I’d wanted to update right after Honor Scholarship Weekend ended, but I got sidetracked… a lot.

Anyway, the last two days of Honor Scholarship Weekend were much more low key than the first day. Everyone had gotten their Rush out of their system, so what visitors we did have were few and far between. Fair enough, most people can’t sustain a multiple day long party (I have no idea how the ancient civilizations had week long weddings).

And then it snowed again earlier this week.

Even Picard is tired of the changing weather.

Even Picard is tired of the changing weather.

While it was not a lot of snow and it melted soon after, I just had to ask: why? We’re already freezing over here, we don’t need more snow. It’s actually not that bad outside while I’m writing this, but still, no more snow. Rain, I wouldn’t be too adverse to, but… well, I’m kind of sick of snow.

Anyway, in unrelated news I picked out new courses for fall semester. I think I have a nice spread of options: Physics, more history, English (specifically, creative writing), philosophy, and a religion class. I think I will go for a history major and religion minor, but until I have to declare a major I am going to keep my options open… to some extent. As much as I like hanging out with Professor Porter, I’m not going to be a science major (I have a head for numbers, though… I just don’t enjoy applying it).

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in my courses. For everything else I will still be going to Dork Club sessions and trying out for plays as they come. Might work to improve my Space Marine list, but for now I think it’s rather good. And I will most definitely look around for internships and immersion trips, so I can take advantage of all the resources that Wabash has to offer.