Honor Scholarship Weekend, Day 1

RobertToday is a nice day. The sun it out, even if it’s a tad cloudy, and I can go outside without wearing my winter coat. Today is a good day, not only because the weather is nice, but because it is Honor Scholarship weekend.

I know I mentioned Honor Scholarship Weekend in my last blog, but this time it’s actually happening. Prospects are wandering around campus, taking tests and hanging out with cool guys. Earlier today was the club fair, where all the clubs and organizations got a chance to present themselves and what they do, and sell Wabash as well. It’s a great opportunity for prospective students to get a chance to figure out what they like, and realize that Wabash is a great place for them to go because we’ve got so much cool stuff.

And I couldn’t go.

I feel ya, Bolin. Don't worry, you'll get another girlfriend in Season 2

I feel ya, Bolin. Don’t worry, you’ll get another girlfriend in Season 2

Unfortunately for me, I still had classes scheduled for today. I know my classes are important, and I should have been smarter and asked if maybe I could take a day off (On second thought no, that’d be silly), but I would have really liked to have been at the fair so I could show off my very pretty Space Marine army. Looks are one thing, but telling prospects that every piece, from the lowliest scout to the biggest tank, is assembled and hand-painted by me, and you get to chainsaw people (or at least imagine that you’re chainsawing people). What more do you want? Part of the pitch is the visuals, while the other is the dialoguing, and talking about what makes your group so great is what sells them. You can have the best booth on campus, but if you don’t tell anyone what it means it won’t do you any good. Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes fame said that good writing can cover for poor drawings, but amazing and witty drawings won’t do jack if the writing is terrible. If I got a chance to talk about how awesome it is to play Warhammer, and all the time and money I’ve invested in the hobby, I could have brought in even more people.

Oh well, I’ll get my chance next year. Maybe with some other units to make the visuals even more appealing.

Anyway, as soon as the prospects get back from their tests and their dinners it’s going to be Rush Time. Now we at fraternities have to sell the prospects on the idea of going Greek, so it’s like the club fair only a bit more mixed.

And I will be there for that.

If Benny's happy, I'm happy. SPACESHIP!!!

If Benny’s happy, I’m happy. SPACESHIP!!!

So if there are any parents that happen to read this between now and Rush, send your kid over to Kappa Sigma so they can Rush there and meet me.

After all, you are drawn to my magnetic personality and Space Marines.