New Server, and Honor Scholarship Weekend

Robert I’ve been quiet this week. I chalk it up to focusing on my work, and also we got a new server for our blogs and I haven’t had a chance to try it out. Consider this my intro blog to the new server.

Anyway, I have something important to say:

Honor Scholarship Weekend is coming up.

I missed most of Honor Scholarship Weekend when I was a prospect due to conflicting schedules, but I must say that it is a very important day for Wabash. Hundreds of students are going to be coming here to see if Wabash is good for them, and we have to see if these guys are good for Wabash (and I mean that as non-elitist as possibly). Also, clubs and other organizations have to convince these newcomers that Wabash has what they’re interested in, and even if they aren’t interested in it they should still check it out (my Space Marines recruited 50+ people for Dork Club; let’s see if they can repeat that feat).

If any prospective students or families are reading this blog (I’m sure there are a few), I just want to say welcome, and thank you for showing interest in Wabash. It is really one of the better schools out there, and it will challenge you to move beyond your preconceived notions of the world. Even if you don’t come here, I still hope that you get a chance to appreciate what does go on here and connect with a few guys, so at least you can say that you had a good time.

Also, Space Marines. We have Space Marines.

I command you to come to Honor Scholarship Weekend

I command you to come to Honor Scholarship Weekend