Deep Thinking

Alejandroblog83 It is a bit ironic that I have so many decisions to make this time of the year. A year ago this same time I was trying to choose what College I was going to attend. Now that I have already made that great decision I know have a decision to make that is just as life altering as choosing Wabash was. This year’s decision is whether I go Greek or not.

To help make my mind up and just think about what this decision entails if I either go Greek or not I decided to just stroll around the campus late at night. Starring down the road that leads to Center Hall I thought about what I want the rest of my experience at Wabash to be like. I will barely be a sophomore next year and that still gives me time to alter how my experience will be. Being an independent I learned a lot about the campus and I think sitting out  a year from fraternity life has allowed me to mature and make a more educated and informed decision. Walking around the mall I thought about how I want to remember my time at Wabash and how I want to be remembered.  It is a lot to take into consideration should not be any easy decision, but for those of you who have been already thinking about it, Rush all of the Fraternities.

Being independent is always an option from the moment you make Wabash an option. You will never have the option of being part of a Fraternity if you don’t put yourself out there and visit all of the houses. The more of them that you visit the more options you have to choose from and making a decision will be easier for you. If you have been told about a specific house, do not blind yourself to only rushing that house. Keep your options open and think about what your decision will entail. From experience, it is better to choose from a shirt size like, small, medium, large, or extra-large,  then only having the option of a small or extra- large. You can’t pick from what you do not know exist so keep looking around.