This Independent is Going Greek

First day back from Spring Break and Glee Club tour and boy did I need that, I didn’t actually even know I needed it that much. Had a music intervals test today and it was as easy as can be, took a long time though. I also got a message from my admissions counselor about hosting a buddy from my high school this weekend.

I remember this time last year like the back of my hand. I was on my spring break and was seriously looking forward to flying to Indy and visiting Wabash. Little did I know how much of an impact this visit would have on my decision to come to Wabash. I had my bass guitar with me for a music audition and was ready to take all of my tests for scholarships. Arriving at campus, meeting some great professors and students was the best thing that could have happened. I instantly fell in love and I could not pin point what the reason was because there were too many things that came into play. I was taken by surprise how much I fell in love. The only thing that I regret just a little now was not rushing more fraternities.

Now that it is hitting the second half of my second semester of college and the fact that Rush is this weekend, I am definitely looking forward to looking for a bid. Some may say that it was indoctrination on behalf of some fraternity members but I see it as nothing more of a statement of experiences that I either take into consideration or not. Most of the things that I consider part of myself and define who I am have become part of me due to a curiosity that ties to a mission. For example, I had a curiosity to learn a new instrument so I bought a bass and it ended up turning a profit for me in music scholarships. I applied to Wabash because it was different and had great history, and now I am here blogging about how great Wabash is. In retrospect, decisions I have made in the past always seem to help me more than harm me.

None of this is to say I did not enjoy my time as an Independent, I mean I didn’t become the Independent Men’s Association Treasure for poops and giggles. I just believe that I should make this decision now before I regret not ever making one. Being as indecisive as I am, I have made it my goal to either accept or decline a bid this Friday. If I were to hold I would probably leave it at that and ask around others to make the decision for me, which I will not turn to.

That’s enough about me, this weekend is about you. It isn’t that I am rushing this weekend that I am telling you to rush if you are visiting this weekend, but it is because I was told to rush and did not listen to many people. I was day dreaming too much about seeing myself  just at Wabash that I never though about a what a fraternity actually means. Do not let your uninformed self not think about fraternity living as an option like I did. Tour not only all the houses but talk to those who live their, actually get to know them and ask all the questions you can. If you can’t think of questions right now, you should actually start thinking of some for when you arrive on campus, it will make your visit that much more enriching.