Vests, Knives, and Pocket Watches

Whenever I think of the 1940s, or early 20th century, what comes to mind are a men’s vest, a pocket watch, and a wood handle pocket knife. The pocket watch may not have been as common due to cost, but the three kind of symbolize the statutes of a gentleman to me. Things like “dressing to impress,” everyday usage for a knife, and the watch just to show a difference in technology. They remind me of a time when Boy Scouts was popular and revered, women always wore dresses, men tipped their hats, and kids actually played in groups… outside.

I wonder what happened to things like this at times. People don’t read books anymore, it is frowned upon to learn dead languages instead of Spanish, people dress like Justin Bieber, and TV seems to have a Real Housewives of every major city. We need to face the facts, we are a much more materialistic society today, and quite frankly we have forgotten or abandoned many of the simplistic ways of living.

It is a shame in my opinion. Change isn’t always good, sometimes the clock needs to be reversed.