First Test of the Semester

What a quick but exciting week! Well the snow we could have done without, really who schdules the snow. We would really like to see the green of the grass sometime soon.  Well I went to Indy this past Monday to a marketing firm to learn about entrepreneurship then Wednesday the basketball team beat Ohio Wesleyan. What a great day to have senior night and last home game for the basketball team, beating Ohio Wesleyan who was 14 in the nation. Not to mention my first test this semester in Econ Public Policy which could have not gone better. Or I hope so.

That class just reassures me that I want to be either an econ minor or major, especially public policy analysis. All that really means is that before any policy is enacted by the federal government or state government all of the benefits, costs, utility, and possible effects of it have to be weighed. It’s a lot theory and just as much math which for me is perfect because too much of any one thing is not good.

Friday is here and could not have gotten here faster. TGIF at Sigma Chi then tomorrow wrestling match at Chadwick so the weekend is pretty packed. I also have a buddy coming from my high school to look at Wabash. As I did with my other friends who came and visited, I will speak highly of Wabash but most of the talking will come from Wabash and what it means and stands for. Can’t wait for that.

Everybody’s waiting for the Weekend!!!!!!!