Buckey and Boe Show, and Fratris Amorem

Actual time spent in class this week flew by, but the time left after class felt like weeks. That’s probably why one guy on my floor loaded his car last night. He walked from his last class straight to his car. Should have booked my flight for Saturday instead of Sunday, but oh well.

I was going to blog about my radio show, Buckey & Boe with Pat Myers he is Buckey and I’m Boe, because we had President Hess on Wednesday night. But I didn’t because I had a paper due Thursday morning. Not procrastinating but fine tweaking and editing too late into the night. I’ll talk about the show now since I didn’t have a chance then.

Success all over!!!! The online streaming website finally worked and we had more listeners. Thanks to all those who tuned in.

Yeah That’s President Hess taking a selfie

Our twitter page was blowing up with retweets and mentions from students and faculty. We asked President Hess about his mission and goals while president of Wabash. We even talked about his favorite hobbies, sports teams and taste in music. His favorite artist of all time is “Bob Dylan” and one of his favorite songs of all time is “8-Mile.” Surprised, so were Buckey and I. Talking to him while off air was even more interesting. We talked a bit about our respective plans for careers and life after college. A bit personal for the usual way we run our show, “Anything Flies.” It was still great and thanks to those who tuned in.

We are going to have Dr.Cherry on the week we come back from Thanksgiving break. Dean Raters will most likely be on next semester and then we can start pushing in some students to come on air with us. We are trying to build up rave and a face for the Buckey and Boe Show. Once it happens, professors and students are going to ask us if they can come on. But in the mean time we are working at it.

I’m very glad that Wabash has this opportunity for their students. Yeah maybe other schools have radio stations and even a TV station, but only at Wabash is it so accessible. I am sure that if I were at IU or DePauw, I might not even see where the radio station is at let alone run one of my own. But I am even more glad to have a friend that puts up with me and even then still goes on air.

The friends you make here, you will argue with them day in and day out. You’ll even have a day you did or said something that was selfish and regret it for a long time. But you’ll find out that these guys are more than just friends. When you do something you regret you understand they are like brothers. That old question my grandma would ask, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are?” it is quite true and when you find those friends, you will learn a bit more about yourself.

Thanks Nick and Pat. Fratris Amorem
Wabash always Fights, and Always means Always!!!




Yes, I’ve been quiet

You may have noticed that I have been rather quiet these past few days. There are several reasons for that.

First, my computer charger died last Thursday, so I’ve been trying to keep my computer use to a minimum in order to keep my computer alive until my new charger comes in. Thus, I haven’t really had the time to sit down and write like I want to.

Second, not much has happened this week. Now that Monon week is done, school spirit seems to have mellowed out a little, with everyone getting back to their studies and such. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because we need time to just relax and gather our thoughts.

Which brings me to point three: Thanksgiving break is coming up, and I think I may have checked out a little. For the first time in almost three months, I’m getting a chance to go home. I am planning on hugs, and Thanksgiving food. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wabash and all, but I still miss my family just a bit more than I love it here. I’m ready to take a break to just kick back and relax, and not have to worry about assignments or deadlines.

That being said, I’ll try to keep in touch with Wabash and get some blogs posted. Probably compare home life to what’s going on here. Either way, you will enjoy it.

Regristering For Classes

I am not sure of how many schools still have class registration by waiting in line and turning in a paper, but Wabash most certainly does have its student register that way.

Because there is no online registration for classes here at Wabash, students must line up on one of several days that correspond to their name alphabetically, wait in line and turn in their sheet for the classes they wish to enroll into. Now to a number of people this is considered inconvenient, outdated, and a waste of time. Well it may be all of those things, but it sure is fun at the same time! I mean it is fun if you are into “traditions” like this and hate technology a lot. Online registration is a lot easier to do, but there is something just cool about camping out at Center Hall before it opens, waiting in line, and hoping your classes haven’t filled up yet. Especially if you planned on getting up at 5AM and overslept till 7:30AM. SO DON’T DO THAT! However if you take classes like Latin, Roman Art and Archeology, and U.S. History since 1877 you probably don’t have to worry about the general student body filling your classes.

That is one of the cool things about Wabash, if you go to IU, Purdue, or DePauw you can do a lot of things from behind a computer screen. That’s true for a number of things here as well, but when signing up for classes you need to meet with your advisor, figure out several classes and labs you wish to have, and take an active role in signing up for your next semester. Be involved with your class choices, look at schools where you are not just another figure, and try and standout when you go to college. No one is truly successful being just another John Doe.

NCAA Great Lakes Regional Champions

Saturday was the Monon Bell football game for 99% of Wabash, but for those 1% of us that traveled the four hours to Grand Rapids, Michigan Friday night, Saturday was the NCAA DIII Great Lakes Cross Country Regional. The Redpack, as some readers may know by now, brought the Calvin Knights’ 17-year Regional streak to an end this weekend with a commanding lead of 60-79 points. Thus bringing down the longest lasting streak of ANY SPORT in NCAA history, and all on Calvin’s own home course. The last time Wabash won was in 1996 before the Knights took over for almost two complete decades.

While the weather seemed to be sunny and favorable down in Greencastle for the Monon Bell, conditions at Calvin were less than favorable with gloomy skies and colder weather. The Redpack was led by FIJI brother Dalton Boyer ’14 with a second place over all (25:14.7), 4 seconds back of the Regional Champ. Second for the team was Jared Burris ’15 in 25:33.1, Billy McManus ’15 was third in 25:36.5, Adam Togami ’16 was fourth in 25:37.5, and Nick Boyce ’15 was the last scorer for the team with a time of 25:42.5. First year runners here at Wabash who came in 6th and 7th respectively to round out the full team were Fabian House ’16 in 25:56.3 and Mason McKinney in 26:19.0. The gap time between Wabash’s #1 and #5 runners was a total of 28 seconds, and a great gap time to have in comparison to some other teams. Of the 7 Wabash Men that ran this weekend, 6 managed to crack the top 35 and claim All-Region Honors on top of their team victory.

Here is a good question to answer I’m sure some people reading this are asking: Why not go to Wabash’s biggest tradition and rivalry, the Monon Bell game? Simple answer, No one expected it to be a close game, as Wabash was predicted to win for the 5th straight year. Wabash’s cross country team was looking to have an eventful, history making race that would take good racing by the athletes to win. Before Regionals Wabash had managed to beat the Knights at the Notre Dame Invitational earlier in the season. Similarly the Knights had beat Wabash by 1 point at the Oshkosh meet that contained over 500 runners. So while Wabash football had 4 previous years of blowouts and another one expected, cross country had the ability to either make history for itself, or allow Calvin to continue to make its own history. Wabash made history Saturday. Wabash Football made history as well by having one of the few 5-year streaks in the Wabash-DePauw rivalry with a score of 35-21. Congrats.



End of Monon Week and Bell Game


When they said Monon Bell week was crazy, I underestimated how great and crazy it would be. For the fifth year in a row, D****** will have an empty trophy case. They really should not be surprised that it turned out that way. The visiting stands were more full than theirs were, thats sad. I also didn’t believe that the build up during the week for the game can’t be matched by another campus. Guarding the bell, patrolling the campus, Alma Mater sing, and the actual game today is too unique to Wabash College.

I have been to all the home football games this year and not one matches how loud and excited we were in the crowd today. This is year five of keeping the bell at Wabash. It’s hard to write about the importance of winning today’s game. This is a rivalry that began five years after Wabash was founded and has been alive over 150. I could never imagine how lonely and dead Wabash campus would feel without the bell. I will never have to know what that feels like because Wabash will always keep this bell.