Suppose to go up Monday

It’s 1:22 in the morning I’m walking the campus and my fingers are literally about to freeze off.

What the hell am I doing you may ask? Well I am guarding my campus from a possible attack from D******. Yeah, we don’t spell that word out here not because we don’t know how but because we arnt going to stoop that low.

It’s Bell Week and we are on Defcon 3. If anyone even tries to drive into any driveway on campus, they do not make it very far before they are stopped. No one is going to touch WABASH and no one is definitely taking that bell.

Monon Bell and the rivalry against that school down south is the oldest in the nation. Because of the age of this rivalry, there is a built hunger to hate one another. That’s why I have this bat with me just in case someone tries something. I am really proud about how many independents are out here. It’s a great time for us freshman to bond with each other as well as for the campus. The Rhyne burgers and hot chocolate is attracting a lot of of students.

I’ll get back to my campus guard duties. Haha duties.


Monon Bell Tomorrow


Monon Bell and guarding her most of the week was amazing. Hot chocolate and burgers at eleven, soccer at nine after my jazz concert made this week the week. I want to publicly thank my brothers on the second floor of Martindale for showing up for that. Inbum, Simon, Austin, Pat, Nick, Kyle, Connor, Andrew and Thanh. Second floor Martindale is where it’s at.

I have never been to rugby,  Monon keg game was my first and I doubt my last. We laid some people out on that field and we kept it the score board with only Wabash scores. We are keeping the Bell just like we kept the Monon Keg.


So, I’m taking a break from the Monon Celebrations to talk about ZOMBIES!!!

Last night at Dork Club was our big Zombicide game. And boy was it big; Nine survivors, six objectives and hundreds of ZOMBIES to fight our way through. It took us almost four hours to finish our game, and I will try to recap all that occurred.

Machete, Samuel L. Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson’s dog, and a zombie, three of these characters will be dead before the end of the game

We began the night with nine survivors: Chuck Norris, Machete (me), Samuel L. Jackson, Sheldon, a paper towel tube samurai, a girl by the name of Lea, and an assortment of other characters I can’t remember off the top of my head. Our mission: search a ZOMBIE-infested strip mall for food, water and rice without dying. Simple enough.

So we decided to split up into two groups, Chuck Norris and Samuel L. Jackson going off one way with a few of the others, while Machete went the other way with Lea and Sheldon. This plan fell apart when the other group encountered a Fatty (big ZOMBIE) that could only be killed with melee weapons, which that group was lacking. So Machete went over there and did a bit of chop-chop on the ZOMBIES, leaving Lea and Sheldon to fend for themselves. Probably not the best idea; they ended up getting mobbed by ZOMBIES, and although Lea managed to get away with one wound left Sheldon was killed. Sad day.

Sheldon’s last stand… Lea gets away from all this

Back on the other side of the map, we began to clear out the strip mall, Chuck Norris, the samurai and a guy named Raoul leading the charge. During the anti-ZOMBIE sweep, Samuel L. Jackson found Clint Eastwood hiding out in the kitchen, and although Eastwood got caught in a room with a toxic ZOMBIE he got off to a good start. Lea, meanwhile, was mobbed continuously by an ever growing mob of ZOMBIES, escaping only due to her speed and agility. She managed to dodge all the ZOMBIES and escape off the map. Yay us.

grundy crush!

Meanwhile, our group was still cutting our way through ZOMBIES, trying to reach the last objective. However, because Chuck Norris and some of the others had killed many ZOMBIES, more and more ZOMBIES were coming to attack us. Clint Eastwood fell behind (read: Machete ditched him to get to the main group), and although he managed to kill some ZOMBIES he was overrun. Similar thing happened to Samuel L. Jackson, but Chuck Norris and the others were able to kill the ZOMBIES and get some breathing room. However, Chuck accidentally woke up Solomon Grundy and the Hulk (my name for the normal and toxic Brute ZOMBIES respectively) and a lot of people panicked… until someone pulled out Pa’s Gun and headshot the two ZOMBIES. So we got the final objective (and a puppy) and made our way towards the exit.


Before Car-Fu

Unfortunately, there was a big horde of ZOMBIES between us and the objective. Fortunately, we were in a car.

Car-Fu ensued.

After Car-Fu

After running over a bunch of ZOMBIES (Machete don’t ride in cars, so Machete walked down the street butchering ZOMBIES with his machetes) we reached the exit, but there were more ZOMBIES in our way. Hopping out of the car, Chuck Norris and his dog proceeded to roundhouse kick, shoot, and otherwise kill the twelve ZOMBIES in our way (including four Fatties). Our path cleared, we drove out of the strip mall and into the sunset, leaving the ZOMBIES behind in the strip mall.


Yeah, that was fun. I’m definitely playing that game again.

Monon Week

So, Monon Week. Well… there’s a bell…

It’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Bell Week, from what I can interpret, is probably one of the biggest spirit weeks Wabash has. It is a time where we get to show our rivals over at DePauw that we’re better than them in… well, a lot of things.

See the Bell? The Bell is important. Respect the Bell

Oh, and we have a bell; that’s important.

Besides the bell, there’s the intramural sporting events, and such things as the blood drive (I tried to go, but traveling to Mexico and Honduras last spring break is a big no-no for donating, and I was deferred for potential malaria exposure. I’d call that paranoid, but it’s kind of a big deal and they are trying to be safe… still bummed about it, though). Really, there are dozens of chances for Wabash men to get out and do something to improve both their lives and the lives of those around them. All we need to do is go out and do them (I think more people could have been at the blood drive, even if I got turned away).

Not zombies, but blood drives are important too

And tomorrow’s Wednesday, which means ZOMBIES!!!

Phi Gamma Delta Formal

It’s been a busy weekend, as I traveled to IU with some other runners from the cross country team to participate in a small race in Bloomington. But was only the start of the weekend. This weekend was the one of the annual Phi Gamma Delta Formals, and it took place at the Conrad Hotel in Indianapolis!

For those of you that don’t know how nice the Conrad is well we had a TV in our bathroom… which gave me the opportunity to watch SpongeBob while whizzing. A beautiful image for all to have (you’re welcome). A jar of fun size Snickers that cost five dollars, Pringles were ten dollars, and the shower and bath were not the same unit. Wow, fancy! Also, some of us got to stay on the eighteenth floor overlooking much of the city and the capital building.

The night consisted of a fine dinner, dancing, and passing out in the room once the formal itself was over for being so tired. Austin Jarrett, my pledge father, did a awesome job planning it all out over the past couple months! I got to be accompanied by one of my closest friends, Colleen Weatherford, who attends Butler and is from Greencastle. A classy lady and truly pure-hearted person, she was the best date I’ve ever had to a dance.The night itself was fun, the dancing was to say the least different and wild, and  the food was great. It was also nice that some simple college kids got to spend the evening and night at a five star hotel at the end of it all! Great weekend to be a pledge of Phi Gamma Delta!