My journey home

A weird thing happened to me when the plane I was on was landing in Portland; I realized I had been at Wabash that morning.

Being as this is the first time I traveled alone, It was a completely new experience for me. Surprisingly, everything went smoothly; I got a ride to the airport (although we did have a flat about halfway there- good thing we got it fixed), checked in and made it through security with no problem. I stopped at one of the restaurants that populate airports and got a quick bite to eat (of course, Indiana has taxes. Goodbye $15) and continued on my way, arriving at my gate a few hours ahead of schedule.

After that, I didn’t really do much of anything. I tried reading the Aeneid for my Freshman tutorial class, just a chance to get ahead in school, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I bought some Tic Tacs at another store (the burger I had for lunch had red onions on it) and then boarded the plane for Denver.

I didn’t have any headphones, so I couldn’t use the TV set Frontier has installed in every seat of their planes. Tried reading the Aeneid again, but still wasn’t feeling it. I tried taking a nap, but being in an aisle seat is no place to take naps and I wasn’t able to get comfortable. I did find some amusement in listening to the kid in the window seat talk about dinosaurs (although I think he’s a lightweight in dinosaur knowledge; I was already rattling off stuff about dinosaurs by memory at his age, and he still had to use a book), but eventually he got bored too and we were all stuck, metaphorically speaking.

Anyway, we landed in Denver, and I had about twenty minutes to run to my next gate to catch the plane to Portland. There was another couple behind me who had a flight leaving in ten minutes, so I let them get ahead of me before moving on (hope they made it). I hurried over to the gate just as my zone was boarding, and after a brief phone call with my parents I was on my way to Portland.

Again, boredom set in. I was seated next to this lady with a nose piercing and some weird hair (Obviously headed to Portland), but I tried to pay her no mind. Considered reading the Aeneid, but tried to nap instead. After falling asleep failed, I tried to take a picture of the sunset. That also failed, because my flash was on, and I didn’t realize this ruined the picture until after I had landed. When that happened, I made my way down the hall to the exit and met up with my parents and girlfriend. Hugs ensued.

So that was my trip home. I would say it was an interesting experience, as well as a good lesson on what future trips home will be like… stay tuned for when I make my trip back to Indiana.